Walmart Return Policy

Worried about returns purchased from Walmart? What to do next? This page is what you need at the moment.

Walmart is an American global retail corporation operating supercenters, discount departmental stores, and also grocery stores. Dealing with a great bunch of products, if you feel the item bought does not fulfill your expectation or what may be the cause you can move to opt for a return request.

The most important thing to consider before requesting a return is the Return Policy. You should know the ins and out of the Walmart Return Policy so that you do not confront any issues while making s request.

What is Walmart’s  Return Policy:

Products purchased from approve returns in most scenarios. The transaction history shows the date of purchase that enables the item’s return or exchange. Customers must follow the rule of making a request in a 90-day window in order to approve the return.

According to its return policy of Walmart, if you bought electronics from a third party, Walmart does not accept returns or exchanges.

If Electronics are purchased from Walmart stores you need to hurry up for return because those items have a limited period to return.

Purchases between 1st October 2022 till 31st December 2022 have received an Extended Holiday Return up to 31st January 2023.

Items received are damaged then you need to make a return request as soon as possible and send it through the mail.

Walmart return should follow some prerequisites:-

  • Wireless phones need to return in 14 days.
  • Walmart’s electronics return policy states that items like TVs, Laptops, PCs, and Cameras should be returned in 30 days.
  • Hearing Aids, Contacts, and Prescription Glasses need to be returned within 60 days.
  • Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials can be returned in One Year.

Some of the items are not eligible for returns:-

  • Personal Intimate Massagers
  • Video Game Download Cards
  • Electronically fulfilled PIN or minutes for prepaid cellular phones.

How to return Walmart Items:

Walmart provides two ways to return the items to the store – Online and In-store.

Walmart Online Return Policy 

Returning the items online is possible only through Mail. The steps involved are as follows:-

  • Go to and enter into the page by tapping on the Login button.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Next, tap on Track Orders followed by View Details.
  • After that, tap on Start a Return. Clicking the option you will receive a Return Label for free.
  • Pack the items in the box delivered and drop them at the nearest UPS Centre. Make sure to paste the return label on top of the box.
  • Once the item is scanned and verified, refunds will be on the way to be processed and credited to the account.

You can also return the item in-store though purchased online.

If you want to learn whether Walmart accepts the return or not, just enter and type TC Number. The number is on the receipt above the barcode.

As the product appears you need to choose items for return, and the site will show up whether the item is eligible or not for return.

Walmart returns In-Store

If the item is acquired from the store then return it to the store. This is the only option available for items purchased at stores. Carry the receipt as proof to furnish while you visit the store with your package. Provide the Order Id which will help the staff to assist you adequately.

You can get a refund in cash or on a card if paid through a debit card. Credit Card payments are received on the card for refunds.

Returns without receipt 2021 or 2022 as per return policy are accepted if provided a Government approved Identity Cards.

When you buy any item you should keep the receipt which is important, especially for in-store returns. Online purchases have records of the transaction online and so they do not face many issues with returns.


What are Walmart’s Customer Service Hours for Returns

The return hours as per the Return Policy of Walmart are between 6 AM to 11 PM.

Walmart Return Policy no receipt

Returning the item to the Walmart store must include the receipt. Still, the returns are approved if you are able to show a Government ID if you fail to furnish the purchase receipt.

Return the item to any Walmart Store

As mentioned in the return policy, Walmart accepts items from Walmart stores within the US. But if you purchased from a third-party seller, Walmart does not accept the products.

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