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If you’re concerned about “Can I Return My Virgin Mobile Phone” then this page is what you need. Learning about the Return Policy of Virgin Mobile Policy will assist you to complete the return process if the product did not reach your expectations.

Here is a detailed Return Policy for Virgin Mobile:

If the purchase is made over the phone or online then Virgin Mobile phone has a 14-day return policy. A refund in full will be allotted on the grounds that you return the item without being used and unharmed. 

Keep in mind that the product should be in good condition or else you might face difficulty in requesting refunds from the company. If you bought a SIM Card, on returning back to the company you need to pay the extra charges that do not include under the subscribed plan. 

Reach out to customer care by dialing the number 1908 or visiting the online site and tapping the Contact Page option to request returns or questions related to your returned item.

You need to keep your transacting receipt carefully and furnish it whenever asked till your return process completes.

On contacting customer care you will be asked about the product details and your identity proof to make sure that all information provided is valid. After approving the return request you are required to pack your items with original packing and in 24 hours the product will be collected from you. Also do not forget to register the Order ID in order to track the item till it reaches the destination. You will be given 14 days to return the item as cited in the Return Policy and once approved track that the product reaches the Virgin Mobile Return Center.

Methods for Virgin Mobile Phone Return Policy

The company offers two possible methods for users to return Virgin Mobile Phones as mentioned in the Return Policy i.e. In-Store and Online mode. If the customer purchases the items online they can return them using online mode and also by visiting the store in your locale.

1. Virgin Mobile Return Online:

Many users choose the online method to browse their products because this makes their task easier without being moved from one store to another. In the same manner, return also seems to be easier unless you are confronting major issues on returns. 

The following are the steps involved that complete the online procedure of returning your Virgin Mobile as Return Policy:

  1. Go to the Login option:

    Using the Search bar type and click on it. The login page will pop up and then enter the credentials.

  2. Head to Orders:

    Tap the Orders option. Here you can see the orders you made on the website. Select the one you want to return.

  3. Reason:

    What is the reason for the return should be clearly mentioned when asked.

  4. Next option:

    Click on the Next tab after answering the above question.

  5. Attach the Return label:

    Take the printout of the Virgin Mobile Return Label and paste them into the package.

  6. Deliver to the Address:

    Check if something is left out and after that send it to the Virgin Mobile Return Address.

Give some time so that the verification process completes successfully and then a refund will be initiated. Your refund will be credited in the mode that you choose while making payments.

2. Policy for Store Returns at Virgin Mobile:

If the purchase does not bring satisfaction you have the right to return it to the store from where the purchase is being made. This option of returning a purchase to the store is good enough because you can interact with the representative and express your disappointment.

As written in the return policy Virgin Mobile can be returned in a period of 14 days. Refunds are allotted only if you follow the 14-day return rule after that no refunds are offered unless the store is at fault.

You do not need to worry about refunds because if the product is in good condition, no online store can reject the return. After the item reaches the store, refund money will be initiated in 2 days. The transaction of the refund amount will depend on the bank and this would take 5 to 10 working days to show up in the account.

The receipt or transaction details need to be furnished on return because this affects your refund. If you fail to do so the refund money will be the selling price that is running during the refund period. The money is credited in the form of a credit to your store wallet, debit, or credit card.

If you want to exchange the Virgin Mobile Phone you can do it by filling up an exchange form. In case if no exchange is available then you are required to make a return request.

Some might also feel what about the Modem return at Virgin Mobile Return Policy. If you receive the modem and cancel any service then you need to return the modem or pay the charges for the items not returned.

For further queries contact -1-888-322-1122.

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