Verizon Wireless Return Policy

Wondering about Verizon Wireless Return Policy, this page will be the one to help you with the answers. 

Whenever you receive a damaged product first thing that comes to mind, How to return the product on Verizon, What are Verizon’s wireless 30-day return policy and the list goes on.

What is the Return Policy on Verizon:

If the product received is a defective one then you can make a request to exchange or return wireless gadgets and accessories to Verizon. The product packaging needs to be in a proper condition with the return label attached to it.

Here are the basics terms and policies on Verizon’s Return:-

  1. A return period of 14 days, return of accessories or wireless device exchanges is possible. This can be your iPhone, any new phone, or equipment that falls under the conditions.
  2. If you are from Hawaii you cannot request for return. But other states can exchange or return for the product by charging a restocking fee of $50 on return. Shipping charges will also be required to pay when you make a request to return.
  3. Return on products will be approved if you provide the accessories or cell phone devices in the original packet. The receipt should be intact in the product box. Make sure to print the return label as depending on the label your product will reach the desired address.
  4. You will have only one exchange i.e exchange is limited to customers once.
  5. If the product return time reaches 30 days do not expect the company to accept the product.
  6. Receiving a promotional offer is a good thing but if you return the product you need to return the promotional value.
  7. Verizon Wireless Phone Return Rebate: The company will deduct the refund if the mail-in rebates are accessible during the purchase by Verizon.
  8. You need to pay extra for the service that requires a representative to eliminate the equipment from the car or any other fixed position.

Verizon Return Policy Exemptions

Some products are not approved for return as mentioned on Verizon’s Return Policy.

  • No return of Gift cards can be returned and if your state requires the law you can do so.
  • Open software can only opt for exchange because exchange can be done with the same product at Verizon Wireless Communications Store.

Many users still feel that after canceling the product they would lose the other relevant services.   

But, returning the items will not end any of the services.

Reach customer support through

  • Live Chat
  • Request a call

What are the options to return Verizon wireless to the return address:

It’s important to prepare the device you want to return prior to making the request.

  1. Tap the Backup tab to back the contacts, images, and other relevant information.
  2. Disable the option Find My Device or Find My iPhone.
  3. Clear the accounts and personal accounts by carrying out a factory reset.
  4. Take away any extras or parts you didn’t buy from Verizon, like SD cards.

After carefully erasing the information from the device you need to pack the accessories, manuals, and parts you originally received with it.

How can I return the device to Verizon Wireless:

Return of Verizon products is available in two ways:-

Returns of Verizon items to Center:

  1. Take a printout of the label and paste it into the package. Carry the receipt to prove that the item is purchased from Verizon.
  2. Contact the company representative to process the return.
  3. Provide relevant information to the rep so that your return is processed on time.

Once the return is approved, be sure to have your refunds.

Verizon Wireless Equipment Return Locations through Mail:

  1. You need to take a photocopy of the return label that was received with the order so that you can conserve it as proof of shipment in the event that the parcel is lost.
  2. Affix the box’s original label for return.
  3. Now, you can visit the nearby store with the package. The label you pasted contains the data about the carrier.

Refund Policy of Verizon

The length of time you must wait before receiving a refund varies depending on how you paid for your Verizon order:

  1. Credit cards: Refund will be issued in 2 to 3 weeks to appear on the statement.
  2. Cheque or Cash: A check is issued by Verizon on refunds and once handed out waits for 7 weeks to show up in the account.
  3. Verizon account bill: Refund will be credited in 2 billing cycles.

Wrapping Up:

You need to go through the exchange policy of Verizon and understand that the device accessories, phone case, phone rebate, and old phone, can be returned to the required center.

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