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Facing issues with United Airlines? No worries as this page will solve your problems of canceling the return flight.

You must know what United Airlines’ policy states on cancellations and changes so that you can complete the process with ease.

United Airlines Ticket Return Policy: 

Can I change my return flight date with United Airlines? Yes, you can but you need to be careful with the cancellation policy. If you are eligible for making changes to the booked ticket then surely you can do the proceedings.

Let’s see what rules are kept inside United Airlines for canceling or changing the flight tickets of candidates.

  • Tickets booked can be canceled within the booking 24 hours which must be followed by each candidate whether you bought Economy or Business Class tickets. 
  • If you follow the above rule then no fee for ticket cancellation and this falls under the 24-hour cancellation policy. 
  • In case you surpass the deadline to cancel the return ticket at United Airlines, a fee will be added for late cancellation. 
  • In order to avoid the above situation you can have the refundable ticket acquired. 
  • As mentioned in the policy, the tickets are divided into two classes: Refundable and Non-refundable. 
  • If your ticket is a refundable one, a refund in full will be approved and no cancellation fee is charged. 
  • An amount of $200 is charged if exceeded the given time on Non-Refundable tickets. 
  • Changes of return flight date at United Airlines are possible at the office, website, and customer care. 
  • If the ticket is acquired utilizing United Gift Certificate then a refund is given as an electronic certificate. 
  •  If you decide to cancel the flight on the day of departure then a fee is charged on the tickets canceled. 
  • Bought tickets using Award tickets might require paying $25 – $125 as the fee for cancellation.

How do I cancel return flight tickets at United Airlines:

When there is a sudden change in your plan you can opt to cancel the return flight here are the steps to follow:-

  1. Firstly, head to the link https://www.united.com and tap on it using a browser or a mobile app. 
  2. Click on My Reservations in the next step. 
  3. Now, type the candidate’s name to cancel the reservation. Also include the ticket number. 
  4. Tap the Cancel tab. 
  5. A mail will be delivered confirming the cancellation of the flight. 
  6. After that seek a refund for the canceled ticket if eligible.

 Note:- United Airlines’ return flight to JFK is not available. 

If you wish to get a refund make sure to cancel the ticket within the specified time. The refund usually takes 20 working days to be processed. The cancellation of tickets after 24 hours comes with a fee. The amount to receive as a refund depends on the type of ticket you booked. If the cancellation is due to the fault of United Airlines then a refund is provided within being asked. In case you have a United Airlines open return ticket then you need to use it up before the expiry date but if you do want to, request a refund.

Covid 19 Policy on United Airlines:

As we know, during the pandemic flights were at a halt in order to stop the spreading of viruses from one place to another. The virus was spreading in different countries and this was of concern for every nation especially traveling passengers using flights. During the virus, United Airlines services were temporarily stopped and this led to the cancellation of flights. On cancellation, passengers were given refunds in their accounts and some also took refunds to use for future travels.

When the virus came under control then United Airlines started their services keeping in mind precautions and safety guards. They also let unvaccinated employees return to work with the view that they would take the vaccine for safety reasons. 


In order to complete the cancellation of the return flight ticket you need to learn about the airlines that you are traveling to. It plays an important role to help you understand better the return policy and you can complete the procedure without difficulty.  United Airlines offers friendly services to their passengers ready to help them with their services. On Flight cancellation, you can request a refund, and do remember to cancel within 24 hours.

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