Tuesday Morning Return Policy

Having trouble receiving precise details on How can I return items on Tuesday Morning. You just clicked the right page. If the purchased product is not good or damaged, this page will assist you with every step of the return process.

What is the Return Policy for Tuesday Morning:

It’s important to learn about the return policy before requesting for return. Tuesday Morning has set up some criteria to make you aware of the policy in advance. While buying any product you need to go through the terms and conditions and this will help you to make the return request.

As stated in the return policy on Tuesday morning, 30 days will be approved for the buyer to return their product. There are a few guidelines and restrictions that you must adhere to as they accept or permit the return of the item. Do not wait for the last day to return the item. As no returns are accepted after the approved period. The item must be in its original packaging and unharmed. Also, include the receipt in the box so that the representative does not take much time to process the request.

As per the reports, Tuesday Morning does not have access to online services to sell its products and so no online selling is available to the users. You can directly go to your locale store to have the return.

During the pandemic of Covid-19 Tuesday Morning companies have shut down their shutters and in this period the return time was extended by 15 days i.e. 45 days. This worked as a perk that was added to the return policy.

What is the procedure to return on Tuesday Morning:

As we already mentioned, only in-store return is accepted under Tuesday Morning. The following steps will be helpful for you to make a return request at the store nearby:

  • You need to return the item at the time mentioned i.e 30 days. 
  • The item should include all the necessary tags and need to be in good condition. 
  • The item should be packed exactly the same way when you received it. 
  • Visit the store by searching “Finding Store ” and the list will be available to you. 
  • You cannot return the sheets that you used to the Tuesday morning store. 
  • The receipt should be present with the box because this detail is important for the rep to find your order and do the proceedings.
  • Saleable items are accepted for returns.

What is the Exchange Policy for Tuesday Morning:

  • The exchange period is accepted within a period of 30 days. 
  • Mention the name of the product and code. 
  • No exchanges are accepted without furnishing the original receipt. 
  • Exchange the item with a similar item or more than the actual cost. But if you choose an item with a lesser amount compared to the previous one, no exchanges are accepted.
  • The exchanged item must still be in saleable condition.
  • Do not throw away the original box and tag to make exchange of the item. 

Refund policy for the return on Tuesday Morning:

The company here carries a simple process to refund your returns.

  • After the approval of a return for the item, it generally passes through the verification procedure. Then arrives the refund process. 
  • The payment you paid will be refunded in its original form. This implies the method you selected while transacting.
  • Keep properly the receipt because no receipt no refunds will be allotted. 
  • Government identification will need to furnish to process the return. 
  • Paying utilizing a gift card, the refund will be in the same manner. 
  • The check will be refunded if paid through checks. It might take 2 weeks to get the amount credited. 


Customer support for Tuesday Morning:

If you still feel that you need to reach customer care try clicking ‘Contact Us’ or dial -1-800457-0099. Representatives are available on weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM. 

How to return products without a receipt:

No returns are approved without furnishing the purchase receipt.

How many days take to return the item:

As mentioned in the return policy, returns are possible in 30 days.

What is the time to get the refund credited to the account:

Once returns are approved you need to wait 14 days to get the refund amount.

At what mode refund of Tuesday Morning are credited:

Refunds are approved in the original mode of payment.

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  • Camille Hux says:

    I tried to return a suitcase 🧳 today to one of your stores in Columbia,Mo. I was refused the return. I had the receipt for the recent purchase under 30 days in hand under $100. The suitcase was defective and the handle broke while traveling. This was extremely frustrating and I felt it should have lasted through one travel period at least. The suitcase also bore a ten year warranty. But all I have is the receipt. I am now out $80 and have a broken suitcase which I was able to use only one time. Very disappointed.

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