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Received a product from Timberland but am not yet satisfied. Want to know what the timberland.com return policy is? In this article, you will learn about Timberland’s Return Policy to have a clear-cut understanding. 

What is Timberland Return Policy:

You can return Timberland boots within 60 days of the period. If you received a defective product you can easily send the item through Mail or visit one of the Timberland outlets nearby.

Products without any damage when delivered should be in proper maintenance, and unworn, tags should be intact and unaltered.

Customized products are not approved for return but if the product received is damaged on delivery you can contact customer service in a period of 10 days.

Refunds will be allotted in the original form and the processing time might take 7 to 10 working days to reflect on the account.

Timberland online returns are paid via PayPal and refunds will be in gift cards so customers make the choice of returning items in-store.

No exchanges for products if there is an error in size or type, simply return the item and opt for a new one.

Transactions on Timberland either through a gift card or electronic are considered final.

During the pandemic, stores were shut down, and returning any item within 60 days after the shop reopens. The receipt should be furnished at the time of return.

Returns if requested on time then Timberland returns can be assessed for free.

Timberland defective return:

If the product received is damaged during shipment, verification needs to be done before reporting the complaint. 

  • Slightly damaged products should be noted on the receipt with the signature on it and the date of receiving. The delivery man also needs to sign the slip and provide you with a copy. 
  • You need to refuse the item if there is much damage and contact consumer support to report the complaint. Furnish the tracking ID to the agent so that they can get through your details easily.

Reach customer support team:-

  • Live chat
  • through messages
  • By reaching on the phone.

How can I request a return on Timberland:

According to the return policy, you can return Timberland boots through the Mail and by visiting the store outlet.

How to return timberland boots by sending Mail:

The steps involved to complete the return procedure are as follows:-

  1. A form will be attached to the parcel you just need to fill up the form. 
  2. Download and then print the return label. 
  3. Ready to pack the item in the original box and paste the label properly. 
  4. Now take the parcel to the courier service FedEx, United States Postal Service, and drop it at the counter. 

Can I return Timberland items In Store:

Yes, of course, Timberland returns are possible in-store as per the norms. But make sure the store is not the partner retailer.

  1. Check the item to be returned and pack it in the original box. 
  2. Go to the Timberland outlet with the item along with the transaction receipt. 
  3. Speak to the sales executive and ask for the return form. 
  4. After filling up the form, the agent will go through the verification process of the product before offering the refund money. 

You can also check the return status by going to the registered email where you can get the tracking ID.

If after accepting the return the refund is not yet credited then contact the customer team with details like product name, the reason for return, transaction details, etc.

Can I return Timberland boots without a receipt:

Without the details of the original receipt, a return might be difficult but you can still request for return by providing your identification card and answering all relevant questions asked during the verification process.

NCREIF Timberland Index Historical Returns

Since 2014, Timberland returns were 9.17%. The NCREIF submitted the report in the first quarter of 2022. They returned 3.21% for a quarter, which declined from 4.56 % last quarter and 0. 76% in 2021 first quarter.

Hope, reading the article your return process might be easier than you think.

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