Ticketmaster Return Policy

Concerned about returning tickets to Ticketmaster. Just keep your worries away because on this page you will learn “how to return tickets to Ticketmaster”.

Ticketmaster offers tickets online for theatre, concerts, events, sports, and other important events. If any problem arises after purchasing the tickets from Ticketmaster can I return the Ticketmaster tickets and ask for a refund? Such a question worries every user before acquiring tickets from it. It’s important to know the return policy on Ticketmaster.

What Ticketmaster states about Return Policy:

According to the norms of Ticketmaster’s return policy, customers receive refunds automatically if the event is canceled by the organization without having to make any effort.

Tickets bought from retailers can go to the same outlet to receive refunds on canceled event tickets.

In case the event is scheduled at a later date and you won’t be able to attend on such a date you can request a refund for it.

Customer care will be available to assist each customer who is facing issues with the bought tickets. Even though tickets are stolen or lost, customer service is ready to help you.

As per the policy, no returns of tickets are available unless the event organizers cancel the event by themselves. If people chose to print the tickets on their own, they can also reprint them using the link availed in their email.

Participating venues are likely to provide refunds to consumers or exchanges within the purchase 72 hours.

In most cases, Ticketmaster fails to answer your queries and takes much time to reach you. Refunds are not always available for users but if you are lucky enough you might get the amount of the ticket.

How To Return A Ticket On Ticketmaster:

When you order a ticket for purchase it first books the ticket and then confirms the booking via Email. The whole process proceeds through the automated process. Because of security reasons no changes and returns are accepted.  As mentioned in the policy, once the ticket avails the print option the ticket is contemplated as sold and this is the reason for not accepting your returns in any term.


Ticketmaster is just a way that the promoter selects to sell their tickets on the site. No returns are approved by the promoter and this is clearly mentioned in the FAQ section when ordering the tickets for any event.

Tickets here are considered final sales and those are not refunded. If the event of a particular ticket gets rescheduled the promoter might set some limitations on refunds if customers want to request refunds excluding the delivery charges for events scheduled on a later date.

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