Swarovski Return Policy

Having a hard time returning Products to Swarovski. Unaware of the return policy, you cannot proceed ahead to complete the return procedure. This page is for users who want to return the items to the store and get the refunds credited to their account.

Go through the page and clear your thoughts on How to return items to Swarovski.

What is the Return Policy for Swarovski:

A brand where you can get elegant watches, charming jewelry, and sparkling crystal in one stop i.e. Swarovski. But, what if you are not satisfied with the Swarovski items and wish to return them? In such situations, you need to keep an eye on the Swarovski Return Policy.

Let’s see what Swarovski states on its return policy:-

Returns are accepted if requested within 14 days from the day of purchase. Get in touch with customer care via email. Mention to them what are the issues and ask for the Return Authorization. Refunds will be allotted once the returned item is reached the warehouse.

Swarovski returns come with a price. If the returned item is lower than Forty EUR in the first scenario and in the case in the second scenario, the item cost is more but no payment of consideration has been made or collaborated with half payment during cancellation. In such instances, you need to pay minimal return expenses.  Or else, you need not require to pay any expenses. So, we cannot say Swarovski returns are free.

Suppose you decide to return a partial item from the Bundle, the refund amount will be updated. Discount received on the items is taken from and the remaining amount will be transferred to your account.

Exceptions on Swarovski Return Policy

  • Gift Cards, Masks, and Creator’s Lab items as per return policy are not accepted due to hygienic issues. 
  • Refused delivery is sent to the warehouse and a refund will be allowed once received at the outlet.
  • You can return products individually in case the discount on the item is labeled. A discount will be offered on the bundle set and if you return any then the charges will be set to regular prices.
  • Can I return the Customized earring? No, returns or exchanges for customized products. Because brand items cannot be kept for resale.

How to return Swarovski items?

As per the Return policy, Swarovski returns are approved Online or In-Store.

Swarovski return policy Online 

The return policy for the Online method is simple and easy to follow. Go through the instructions mentioned below:-

  1. Visit the website and tap on Return Your Items and receive the Shipping Label.
  2. Next, Type the Order ID and a valid Email Address.
  3. Pack the item in the box that you received during delivery.
  4. Now, fill up the form and paste it into the box. Also include the number of items packed in the reason and the reason for returning.
  5. The return form is a must to ship back in order to get the refund back.

Can I Return Swarovski in-store?

If you purchase an item in-store you need to visit the store and start the proceeding to get your refunds returned. Locate the store that accepts Swarovski returns. Carry the receipt along with you as proof so that the return initiates as soon as possible. If your return has no receipt this might not be eligible for returns. Call +91-01244107173, to make a return request if you do not have the receipt as per Swarovski store return policy.

Swarovski in-store return policy USA:-

  • Return of the item needs authorization which you can receive by sending a notice to Swarovski Digital Business USA Inc., One Kenney Drive, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920 USA.
  • Deliver to Return Address – Swarovski Digital Business USA Inc., Attn: eCom Returns, 7830 National Turnpike, Louisville, KY 40214, USA

The return request can be made in two weeks and a refund is processed in 10 working days.

Swarovski Return Policy on Exchange:

No, exchanges can be made for unwanted items. You can only return it and wait for the refund money.

Can I return to Online Swarovski in Store?

Yes, online purchases are accepted in-store. Just you need to carry the receipt while returning the item in the real store.

Swarovski Return Policy After 14 Days

No, returns will be approved after the deadline to return expires.

How to contact customer service at Swarovski

Returning items to Swarovski might be all’s cup of tea. You might need assistance from the customer team. Call +91-01244107173 or write to customer_relations.in@swarovski.co.

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