Sprouts Return Policy

Ever got into such situations where Returns are difficult? On this page, we have gathered information on Sprouts Returns Policy to help customers with their returns.

Not all customers have the same choice or taste for a particular product and so after buying it they do not feel fully satisfied with the purchase. The same goes with the customers of Sprouts if they feel that the purchased items are not up to satisfaction they can return it.

What is the Return Policy of Sprouts?

As mentioned in the policy of Sprouts, products from Vitamin and Body as well as alcohol are to be returned in 30 days. There is also a policy on returns for the products of Vitamin and Body care. If the purchased products are in use then you are eligible to return the product because satisfaction matters. Also, make sure that the product packaging is properly intact so that it is accepted by the staff. You need to have the original receipt in order to return the item.

According to the policy, Alcohol products can also be refunded if the norms are approved along with the acceptance of the store manager. You will be asked to furnish a photo identity as the store might not sell Alcohol without the choice of the customer.

Did you know that Sprouts asks you to return the brogue’s dairy milk bottles after using them completely and this gives you back some bucks as a refund? This is actually mentioned in the Sprouts farmers market return policy.

Supplements can be returned if the item received is defective. You can go to the store to claim your refund.

Have a look at the prerequisite of Sprouts Return Policy:-

You need to fulfill the terms before you are eligible for the refund.

  • Be sure that the packaging is intact without any harm and the price is also untouched.
  • Sprout’s returns are approved only with the original receipt.
  • Check whether the item is eligible for return and has a legal tag on it.
  • The item need not plunge under abnormalities.

Can I return to Sprouts without the receipt?

No, without receipts returns are not accepted. But if you have the legal receipt then you can enjoy the following options:

1. Via Online:-

  1. Firstly, sign in to the account and enroll the account on the site. 
  2. Go to check for the order available online. You can now ask for a return. Request customer service to assist you with the return.

2. At the Store:-

Take the product whether it is the dairy milk bottle that you have finished or any other Vitamin that you wish to return. Carry all the necessary info related to the purchase to make the product eligible for return. The staff will take their time to verify the products before accepting and approving the return.

Check for the Exceptions:

The list states the products that do no approve returns:-

  • The final sale or Discount products are not eligible for return.
  • Books, DVDs, or Magazines
  • Promotional and Special Offers
  • Daily and Weekly Advertisement Products

Sprouts Return Policy Opened Box Items

If the product is attached with the original tags along with the receipt no store can decline the return request but the items need not fall under Exceptions. During the refund, 10% will be deducted from the payment. Minor damaged products are accepted at Sprouts relying on the policy of open boxes.

What is the Exchange Policy of Sprouts?

As per Sprout’s policy, no exchanges are accepted online or offline. This is so as returns are approved and refunds are allotted.

Refund Policy of Sprouts

If the customer does not receive satisfaction from the products they bought they return the item and request a refund. The money will be credited in the original payment form and might take more than two days to appear in the account.

Alcohol purchases are authorized with the manager’s permission and bring up the receipt as proof.

You will get the refund money within 7 to 14 working days with the original payment mode.

While you purchase items from Sprouts do not forget to carry the receipt and also ensure that items bought from third-party sellers are not acceptable at Sprouts.

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