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Have you bought a bed from Sleep Number and now regretting your purchase? How can I return the item to Sleep Number? Are these questions haunting you? No need to worry anymore. As we will be backing you with this guide.

Before you make a request for a return to Sleep Number, it’s important to know the Return Policy of Sleep Number. Whether your purchase is eligible for return or not. 

What is the Return Policy of Sleep Number:

When you decide to purchase items like a bed, pillow, or base you need to be crystal clear with the return policy so that you do not face any trouble while returning the item to the store.

The return policy of sleep number demonstrates that if a return is to make it should be within the 100 days period for items “Beds and DualTemp layer” accepted at the store.

Other items are eligible for online returns after confirming the consent from the support team. This is an important thing to note that Sleep Number might reject or decline the return if no approval from the support team is furnished. No refunds will be credited in such situations.

According to the Return Policy, you can return your sleep number bed is accepted. But if the items are termed Final Sale returns will be declined. 

  • If the bedding or pillow is not comfortable enough as promised, you can directly get in touch with the customer team and make a return request online or offline. Make sure to contact them within the given period. 
  • For return on Mattress, the item needs to complete 30 days though the trial period is of 100 Nights. After completing the 30 days you can make the return request if you do not feel the mattress is satisfactory.

What is the cost to return the sleep number bed:

If you want to understand the cost of returning the Sleep Number bed you are required to go through this page till the end. Many customers still do not know what cost they have to pay on returning the bed. 

As stated by Sleep Number in the return policy, the shipping charges are incurred by the customer on return online. The UPS shipping fee charged is $29.99 according to the UPS label. The other return charges are $249 along with the Tax. 

You can reach customer service over the phone to have the exact indication of the returns.

How can I return my Sleep Number Bed:

The only option to request for Sleep Number is Online mode. No offline mode is approved except for the item Bedding Collection and Duel Telp return.

Do not forget to have in contact with the customer support of Sleep Number Phone Number -800-472-7185 so that you receive the authorization from the company.

The steps included for returning Online are as follows:-

  1. Approved returns received Return Service Order number.
  2. If a customer’s item is accepted for return, you can pack the item and send it via UPS or any other service reliable for shipping.
  3. Sleep Number accepts the return only after completing the period of 30 days. Do not forget to take permission from the authority of the company.

What items cannot be returned on Sleep Number:

If the items are applied as Final Sale, returns are not accepted. Those items do not have any trial period for 100 nights nor refunds or exchanges are allotted.

  • If you are the thing to return the base on Sleep Number, we are sorry to say that adjustable bases do not come under return as per the return policy.
  • Closeout, clearance, demo, factory outlet, and disclosure merchandise also do not fall under returns.
  • Custom furniture such as Upholstered items are not available for returns and cannot be canceled once ordered.

Check for Return Policy for Gifts on Sleep Number:

The following conditions you need to take care of in accordance with the return policy of Sleep Number. An amount will be reduced from the refund money on basis of the gift item that you received for free until

  • The promotional commodity is returned.
  • The law state by the local prohibits the deduction.

Exchange Policy of Sleep Number:

Some items can be exchanged at least once, as the return policy states. Items like Pillow, Bedding, and Mattress can be exchanged because they possess different sizes. The conditions of Exchange imply similar conditions as of Return Policy.

Exchange of items is applicable within the period of 100 days and make sure to contact customer service for assistance.

After you receive the authorization, the refund will be credited to your account in 21 days. The mode of payment will be the same as you selected while transacting. Shipping fees will be deducted from the Refund money.

As we reach the end lines, just be sure to understand the Return Policy. Check for Sleep Number Return Reviews before applying a return request. Also, go to the site Reddit by typing Sleep Number Return Policy because different users might have different opinions and this may work for you.

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  • Angela Cauldwell says:

    Hello, I am needing to find out how i need to go about returning my whole sleep number bed. I have not had it long. Got it a couple weeks ago, the first day i got it a part went out and wasnt able to use it. They were supposed to put the whole new base in it and i heard them on the phone myself with their boss say to put it in and instead they fixed something on it instead which isnt what they were supposed to do and sent to do and i heard the guy on the phone myself tell them that that is why the whole new base was sent to replace it. They did not replace it with the new one which i did not think was right. Neither me or my partner and i with our health problems have been trying and trying to get use to it, but it is just not working for either of us. I am getting ready to have surgery in two weeks and I have to find a bed that is going to work for me ASAP. So, we have used it a total of three nights now and we just do not like it. It needs to go back. Im assuming it is free for you guys to come and get it or at least I am hoping. I need someone to get back to me as soon as possible please so i can get this refunded back to my account. I have wanted one of these for a long time but its just not the bed for me. Thank you

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