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Purchased products are not always as they are guaranteed. Luck might also not favor you each time you purchase any product. If you are the one having the heading to return Products from Shutterfly, hope to get your answers in this article. We will be discussing other topics how to return something to Shutterfly, Shutterfly returns address stamp, Shutterfly Christmas return address labels, Shutterfly photo return policy, etc.

Shutterfly Return Policy

Without taking much time let’s head to the Return Policy of Shutterfly. As mentioned in the Return Policy, Shutterfly offers their customers 60 days to rethink the return. Keep in mind your return reason should be valid and the errors caused are by the company. Otherwise, you need to pay a 50% fee to the company for the return. The return process needs to be performed within the given time frame, or else the refund will be available as store credit.

If you have any issue regarding the product, you can surely take the help of the Customer service of Shutterfly. The company won’t disappoint you and will approve the request. Carefully studying the problem if your reason for return is genuine then the refund will be approved.

After returning the full order, shipping charges for delivery will be added to the original amount. Return charges on shipping will not be included in the refund money.

Shutterfly once approving the return takes 10 working days to refund money to the user’s account. 

If you wish to return stamps of Christmas address labels you can opt to do so by contacting customer service.

If we look back during the pandemic, stores were closed and in such situations, online stores came into being. So, Shutterfly offered products through online platforms. This was quite a positive idea to gain customers online without waiting in long queues.

How can I cancel Shutterfly Order:

Sometimes while ordering you order two products at a time by mistake. In such situations, Shutterfly offers 30 minutes to cancel the unwanted product.

  • Tap the link available on the email where your order is approved. After that, you will be directed to Order Page. Select the Cancel option and next tap Yes to confirm cancellation.
  • Using the desktop, head to Order History and tap the Cancel tab if you are within the time frame of 30 minutes. A window will pop up asking whether your cancellation is confirmed or not. Or you can click More Details to review the order on canceling.

How do I uncancel the Shutterfly Cancellation:

When you want to uncancel any order on Shutterfly here is how to proceed with. Reach out to the customer support team and request them to uncancel the order. This option is quite easy and has no long queue waitings.

How to return Shutterfly with the mistake of the Shipping Address Label:

If you entered the shipping address wrong you can change it within the 30-minute period. Head to the Email Confirmation page and request to cancel the order.

In case the order shipped and the fault is tiny. The carrier will try hard to deliver the item using their own knowledge.

If the carrier does not recognize the address then the return will be delivered.

How to return the item via UPS:

Utilizing UPS you need to ship the item through Shutterfly. If you wish you can select the UPS option and change the address. Relying on what option to select and the charges to pick, you can return the products to the store online. Contact the customer team to assist you in re-order the item. 

How to Reorder items in Shutterfly:

If you want to reorder a particular item you can do so or get in touch with customer support to resolve the situation. Have a visit to if you wish to re-order and then go to My Projects in the account. Next, check and proceed to place the New Order. If you fail to do the re-ordering yourself you can request customer support to assist you.

Dial at 1-888-225-7159 Shutterfly and ask them to guide you through the proceedings.

How can I return Shutterfly orders:

As mentioned in the Return Policy of Shutterfly return of products is simple whether you choosed to return photo or Christmas Returns Address Label.

The followings steps to be followed:-

  • On receiving the product, open it with care.
  • Check for damages if any.
  • You can request for return if the product is harmed or not according to you easy going.

Open the product carefully.
Check the product for any damage.
If there is damage or you didn’t like the product or they sent the wrong product.
Contact Shutterfly.

Shutterfly will listen to your problem and then tell you to return the product for inspection. You should also click photos for proof of damages. Once they ask you to return the product. Follow these steps

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