Ross Return Policy

What if you received a damaged product from Ross Stores? Frustrated over the purchases made online, what to do next? We are with the article backing you to resolve the problems faced during returns. Most importantly if you want to return to Ross you need to be aware of Ross’s return policy.

What’s return policy is ascertained by Ross Store:

Ross Stores branded under Ross Dress for fewer deals in high-quality products departmental stores, altogether relying on customers giving utmost satisfaction to them.

Ross Dress for Less’s return policy states that the store utilizes a refund verification mode in order to avoid any fraud. Your returns are processed via system verification. After making a purchase at Ross, you need to keep the transaction receipt safe so that your returns are processed smoothly. There is a policy you can see a limit set if you have no receipt available during returns, relying on it the refund will be allotted.

Keep ready the following documents with no receipt as per return policy i.e. Photo Identity Card.

Worn-out items do not fall under return items at Ross.

You need to follow the 30-day period while making a return request for Ross item return and receive a refund in full. Payments through check must be patient with their refunds as the check requires 5 working days to process.

If the purchased products surpass the 30-day period and then make a return request, according to Ross return policy, those items are only available with exchange or store credit.

If the item such as the software if opened then no refunds will be given instead you can exchange stating that the software received is defective.

Gift Cards misplaced or lost can be replaced with the remaining amount by furnishing the transaction receipt.

Let’s have a look at different policies on Ross returns:-

Ross Stores Return Policy

  • If you have already used the purchased items do not expect Ross to accept your return though you follow the 30-day window.
  • You can return the item in 30 days and receive the refund in the mode you choose while making payments.
  • Return items at Ross after 30 days, the return policy compensates the customer with two options store credit or exchange.
  • All Ross stores accept returns for the items bought at Ross.
  • The software can be returned at the store with the original receipt furnished and also the item is not yet opened or used.
  • Gift cards under $10 are not for return approval and if you are not a resident of California no refund will be provided.

Ross Items like Swimwear, Fine Jewelry, and Lingerie Return Policy

  • Lingerie items should be in original packaging with tags intact.
  • Return of Jewelry should also have a receipt while making a return request.
  • Jewelry returns are accepted at stores having the department of Jewelry.

What is Ross Holiday return policy 2022:

Winter Holidays are a season with offers and so Ross Store came up with some extended offers between 1st December to 31st December.

How can I make a Ross request on items:

The return for Ross items is accepted at the store only. You need to visit the store nearby to make a return request.

The following information you are required to take care of:-

  • Unsatisfied items
  • Mode of Payment 
  • The transaction receipt
  • Photo Identity
  • Tags and labels should be attached

Now, check if you left out with something, or else visit the Ross Store and request the staff to assist you with the return. The member in charge will check the item and the information provided along with it. If your item satisfies the return policy, you will receive a refund once processed.

Note:- No online mode is available to return Ross Store items.


Does Ross do returns?

Yes, Ross does return on items that are not worn or damaged. Ross returns after 30 days are accepted for exchange within the same item and range or get a store credit.

What is Ross’ return policy with no receipt?

You need to carry Photo Identity proof and furnish it at the store in order to be eligible for return. But refunds will not be approved as exchange or store credit are the only option if you cannot furnish the original receipt.

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