REI Return Policy

REI or Recreational Equipment, Inc offers items used for hiking, camping, and traveling. Purchases made on Rei may not always be the correct decision. In some cases, you might regret your current purchases because of faulty merchandising, and errors in order might kill the excitement, indulging you to search out the quickest manner to return the products as soon as possible.

You may not find the appropriate ways to return products to REI because the policy seems to be a bit complicated and left out with inadequate reasoning. But we have just held the grip to simplify the methods of returning for users in need.

Here, in this post, we will take you into depth about the REI return policy and how one can claim refunds through it.

What is the Return Policy for REI Co-op

REI wants their customers to be happy with the purchases and if the item is not worth as you expected then you can make a return request. Any items that have manufacturing defects or other issues can be returned to REI under the given period i.e. 365 days or a year for members only. While returning the item you need to bring the receipt as proof of purchase.

If the purchase receipt is lost, the reps will guide you to get the information using the details like transaction date, order number, member details, product price, and location of purchase. You can perform a return to REI without a receipt.

Whether purchases are made online or at the store, REI offers guaranteed returns. Items that apply for returns within the period of 90 days, especially for non-members:

  • Items that are damaged
  • You received a wrong order
  • There is a difference in size, model, or color which means you have received an incorrect product.
  • Items do not meet the expectations
  • Products that are defective in manufacturing as well as in materials.

Each product here has a different time period to return as cited under returns:-

  • New Gear maximum one year time period to return them
  • New but used outdoor electronics such as bike trainers, cameras, GPS devices, activity monitors, and emergency communication gadgets have 3 months for making return requests.
  • REI-used gear needs to be returned within one month as mentioned in the return policy. REI’s Satisfaction Guarantee approach does not include items that have normal damage because of accidents or are used improperly. 

Final sale products are non-returnable.

REI Re/Supply Return Policy

Few companies offer to repurpose and upcycling of used items, REI approves the return of used products following some stipulations.

  • Products follow the return window of 30 days only for REI Co-op members.
  • You need to clean the used items before returning them.

Final Take

Some products do not possess the tag to return due to restrictions depending on product type. The policy for returns is approved for all products excluding passes, gift cards, lift tickets, and REI Store Garage Sale merchandise. Here is the list of items:

  • Group Sale Items 
  • Corporate Items 
  • Hazardous materials 
  • Oversized products 

How can I return products to REI following the Return Policy 

REI has two options included for customers to return the products i.e. At Store and Online.

1. Can I return the Products to the REI outlet? 

If you wish to return the product to the store then find the outlet as per your location. You need to provide valid purchase details to the store in charge so that return can take place. Take the item fully packed in the original package with tags on it. 

The purchase was made online. Just follow the instructions that we will discuss below before moving to any store outlet:-

  1. Visit
  2. On entering the website, look for the option “Return Instruction”.
  3. Click on the Return Online Purchases option marked under the section “How To Return to a Store”.
  4. Now, provide Order ID and ZIP code.
  5. Tap on the Start Your Return option.
  6. Go through the instructions and accomplish the request for return.

2. Return REI products through Mail 

Returning items via mail for online or in-store orders varies.

Online orders returned via Mail:-

The process to request the return online follows the same procedure as you followed for the return at the store outlet. Submit the form and an email will be delivered to your inbox with the prepaid return label. Take a printout and paste it into the package. Now you can carry the packet to the nearest Post Office or send it to –

1700 45TH ST E,
SUMNER, WA 98352

Return items for store Orders via Mail:-

Fill up the form to make the return request by entering the information available on the receipt. You will get the shipping label upon submitting the form. Now take the package to the Post Office for return.

After completing the return process you need to wait for 24 hours to return to the store. Once done, the refund will be allocated in the mode you chose during the purchase payment. Returning through mail takes much time to refund your money back. So, be patient and if the product returned is valid then you are sure to have your refund in full.

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