Reebok Return Policy

Wondering about returning Reebok products then you are on the right site. How to return Reebok Shoes? What return policy Reebok follows? Are returns free on Reebok? Many questions might mess up if you bought any Reebok items and are now struggling to return them. Before returning the products, customers must be aware of the return policy so that they can know whether the product is eligible for return or not.

Reebok Outlet Return Policy

Reebok is an international brand dealing in track pants, shoes, backpacks, etc. If you do not want to keep them and decide to return Reebok items you can surely return it for free. The return period is 30 days starting from the date of purchase. As per the return policy, if the date falls during the holiday season you will get an extension of 30 days as no returns are accepted.

You might be happy to know that Reebok offers self-service returns. The items for returns need to be in the box that was delivered to you. A receipt is mandatory with the returned items and also tags should be intact. The product should be unharmed and undamaged unless the fault is on the company’s part.

In case the return is not requested within the given period or the product is used or damaged or not in original condition, Reebok has the right to discard your return.

Items that include clothing should have tags and labels attached to make the return successful as mentioned in the terms and policies of Reebok.

Customized products are not accepted for returns. Such products are just created for you and so returns are allotted.

To contact customer service for returns, you can visit and reach them over email or on the phone.

Returns are approved for online return but exchanges can only take place at the store outlet. First, return the old item and then place a new order. If the product received is defective you can request for exchange by submitting an Exchange form at the store or calling +30-21-0221-3460 for assistance.

Can I return Reebok items:

According to Reebok’s Return Policy, returns are possible using the methods like Online, At Store, and Via Mail.

Reebok returns via Mail:

You can select the Mail Method to return Reebok items. 

The following steps will guide you to complete the process:-

  1. First and foremost, make a list of items to be included in the box that is to be returned.
  2. Now, go to your Reebok account that you used while purchasing the item.
  3. Move to the order section and find the items to return.
  4. Next, click the items available in the orders section.
  5. After that, pick the appropriate reason for your return.
  6. Now, take the printout of the shipping label.
  7. Carefully pack the items in the original box and paste the label on top of it.
  8. Take the package to the courier service and get notified at -1-866-870-1743.

How to return Reebok Shoes Online:

Another method is available for customers to return their item i.e. Via Online.

The online method is simple and easy to understand and is performed at your comfort level. The following steps involve returning your products online as per Reebok’s Return Policy.

  1. Items to be returned online should be purchased using an online method. Offline purchases suggest returns using the same method. You need to follow the 30-day rule and make a return request within the given deadline.
  2. Visit Reebok’s official site to return the product online.
  3. Pack the items in good packaging with all accessories included that came with the box.
  4. Now sent the item to the return address as mentioned by Reebok’s Return Policy.
  5. Your return confirmation will be updated by the customer service team at -1-866-870-1743.

How can I return Reebok items to Outlet Store:

Products bought from the store are only returned at the store. 

  1. Search for the Reebok Outlet at your locale on the web.
  2. Visit the store by carrying the product with all documentation related to your Reebok product.
  3. Receipt to be furnished to confirm the purchase and also make the task easier for staff to recognize the item using the Order ID mentioned in the receipt.
  4. Check for the tags. You can take the product unpacked if you want to request for exchange of the item. The product to be exchanged will follow an exchange within the same price and category.
  5. Customizable items do not approve returns.

Whatever mode you select to return your products, the items go through numerous inspection processes before offering the final say for a refund. If the product is received at the outlet and complies with the returns policy, a refund with the shipping fees will be credited to your account using the same transaction mode. But if you ordered more than one item and returned only one item then no shipping charges will be refunded.

The refund process initiates after the completion of the inspection process at the warehouse. The process might take 30 days to refund your money and the time taken to refund might vary depending on the provider’s payment method.


How to reach Reebok Customer Service for Returns?

Write to and advisers will be happy to help you. Other than that you can call -1-866-870-1743 for assistance regarding your returns and exchanges on Reebok Products.

Does Reebok have free returns?

Reebok does have free returns if the items to be returned fit the return policy and comply with the terms and policies.

Reebok online return to store:

If the item is purchased online returns can be processed in-store but items bought in-store do not follow the same strategy for returns. Carry a Receipt to confirm the purchase if bought in-store or else take your Photo Identity along with you and prove the purchase.

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