Prada Return Policy

The reputable brand, Prada is known for its quality products in clothing, handbags, sunglasses, etc. But the items bought fail to fulfill your satisfaction. What to do next? If you want to return the products then this page is just for you.

Prada does not neglect their customers in any terms though you choose the return option. On this page, we will be discussing what is the return policy of Prada, what are the ways to make a return request, revenge wears Prada, the devil returns movie, etc.

What is the return policy of Prada?

When you feel that the product brought is not good or does not fit according to your taste, you can surely opt to return the product or request for exchange if available. As per Prada’s return policy, a period of 30 days will be allotted to the customers if they decide to return the product. Be careful with the product that all the accessories, tags, and invoices are intact to the item.

Is there any option to return the product of Prada for free:

Anyone would love to return if there is not any cost charged on returning the items. You need to be sure if a free option is available for your item or not.

If the returns are within the mentioned period no charges for the shipment are included. You will be given the free option for once and after that, you are required to spend the shipment charges. This is clearly mentioned in the Return Policy of Prada. Returning more than one item in a single buy, charges will be borne by you.

What options are available for Prada Returns:

Prada offers two ways to deliver returns according to their return policy. Go through the instructions carefully and complete the returns without facing any issues. 

Moving straight to the options. There are two options:-

  • Prada Returns Online
  • Prada In-Store Outlet Return

How can I make a return request on Prada online:

Prada delivers the Online option for customers to return the item making it simpler and quicker. 

The following instructions that you need to go through:-

  1. Click on the link using the web browser.
  2. Landing on the home page enter your correct credentials and tap the Login button.
  3. Next, move to the My Orders section.
  4. Scroll to the product listed in My Orders and then choose your Order.
  5. Now, you need to fill out the Return Form. Enter the details that the form asked for.
  6. Next, intact the return form along with your return package.
  7. After carefully checking the package you can now send it to the outlet as mentioned on the label.

Stick the shipping label from inside the packet to the outside. This is the way to get the shipping fees as a refund. Here tracking of the item is also much more understandable.

Can I return Prada items in-store:

Yes, you can as mentioned in the Prada return policy request can be made to return the item at the outlet.

Allowing a period of 30 days if you are eligible for the return, have a visit to the store nearby to drop the package off in no time. This option figures with genuine quality check as you yourself present at the store to deliver the product for return. Do not forget to carry the billing receipt because store returns are liable only after scanning the receipt as referred to in the return policy of Prada. 

Before taking the items check the eligibility otherwise, no returns are allowed. Also, tags need to be attached to the packet ensuring that the products are in good condition.

Note: Prada does not consider damaged items for returns if the mistake was done by the customers but if you received the damaged item from the store you can make a request for exchange or return.

What the Return Policy says about lost receipts:

There is no return approved if you cannot produce your original receipt. If you still return to the outlet through Post, the item will be returned back to your doorstep.

If you have any other issues with the items or any queries regarding the items ring -1-877-997-7232 to reach customer support directly.

Have a look at the Exceptions as given by Prada Return Policy:-

Prada accepts most items for returns still some items fall under the exception. You need to check if the item falls in such a category.

  • The product should be in good condition with all the necessary accessories coming along with it, tags should be intact.
  • Prada does not approve items with security tags hampered.
  • Perfumes are not approved for return without in their original package.

Prada can decline your return if they find any misuse of the product.

A list of items that cannot be returned to Prada as per Prada Return Policy USA:-

  • Fragrance
  • Underwear
  • Jewelry
  • Custom Items

What is the Exchange Policy for Prada items:

Prada proposes an exchange policy for its customers so that they can exchange their products. You will have a 30-day period starting from the date of purchase and within this period you can request for item exchange. You need to furnish the original receipt at the time of exchange.

Two options to exchange the item: In-store or via Mail

If your product has passed all the checks then you are qualified for a refund. In case the product fails the conditions approved by the company no refunds will be allotted and the item will be returned back to you.

Refunds take 5 to 10 working days to arrive at your account. The payment will be credited in the form you selected for payment during your purchase.

Your refund includes the price of the purchase and the tax return excluding the shipping fees. The differences on similar items bought in exchange will also be refunded to you. If the item exchange cost more then pay the extra amount.

The payment is also credited to Store Credit which can be used for future purchases.


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