Polk Audio Return Policy

Polk Audio is a prominent manufacturer of premium speakers and audio products. They look forward to working with you to make your dream home cinema a reality. Polk Audio and its staff take pride in delivering high-quality products to our customers. There is a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and if you decide to return the purchased product, they are ready to help you. It’s a goal to offer top-quality products at reasonable prices. However, if you are not satisfied with one of the products, returns are possible.

What is the Polk Audio Return Policy:

The Return policy and warranty information Polk Audio products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date you acquire the item. If there is a defect in materials or workmanship, Polk Audio will repair or replace the product at its option, provided that it is returned to its authorized dealer or transceiver manufacturer.

Returns are possible within 30 days of purchase. If you have questions about returns, please contact customer service.

How can I return Polk Audio products:

After you bought the item at polkaudio.com within 60 days you can return the item to the warehouse. Make sure to have a registered email ID because all purchase details will appear on that email such as Order ID, Billing address, items to return, and reasons for returning. The receipt should be attached because during the verification you do not face any difficulties. Packages with more weight must be paid charges on shipping. The product should be unharmed including the accessories that are bought along with it. On receiving the product the refund will be allotted to you. Also, take care that items returned should have the Return Authorization Number. 

If you bought products utilizing promotional discounts, the refund amount will be the same as the amount you bought. 

In case you bought items utilizing a promotional discount then do not forget to return all the products in the bundle. If you kept some items from the bundle then do expect the company to refund you. 

Shipping charges on Polk Audio are not refunded though refunds are allotted.

If the bought item is not yet shipped then you can cancel the item there and then. You can also wait for the products and after receiving them return them products in 30 days.

The best way to return your items at Polk Audio is through the Return address at webshop@polkaudio.com. The other option is to contact you over the phone to make a request for a return at +44-0-2081034770 or -1-800-377-POLK (7655).

Follow the terms and policies on returning the item:-

  • The return processing time is 2 to 3 days.
  • Ground despatch takes 3 to 7 days.
  • Expedited despatch takes 2 to 5 days.
  • Items outside the United States do not approve shipping.

According to the return policy, parts replaced do not approve replacement

whether they are damaged through accident or natural disaster. Purchases from unauthorized dealers are not eligible for refunds. There are refurbished items that the company verifies the product to check and test the overall performance. 

Amazon Return Policy on Polk Audio:

If the product bought at Amazon does not meet your expectations you have the right to cancel and return the product. The return period has 7 working days to accept the return.

Polk Audio eBay Return Policy:

Bought audio speakers from eBay and now you do not want to keep them. You can file a return request with the receipt and don’t forget to furnish all necessary details when asked. The company is happy to help the customers.

How can I get in touch with customer support at Polk Audio?

You can write to: webshop@polkaudio.com and get your queries answered. The other option is over the phone at -44-0-2081034770 from 8 AM – 4 PM.

Is return possible for products of Polk Audio?

Yes, returns are approved if you are not satisfied with the purchased products.

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