Petco Return Policy

Who doesn’t love pets? They are of friendly nature and in order to keep them healthy you need to take good care of them. Pets seem to be quite unpredictable according to the reports stated by pet owners. If you are planning to get a pet or wish to treat your pet then Petco is the wisest option one can think of. But if you have faced some issues with Petco products you can contact Petco for returns.

This page is about how to return items at Petco including topics such as petco return policy, petco fish return policy, petco dog food return policy, petco dead animal return policy, petco return policy without receipt, petco return policy after 60 days, and so on.

Reading the article till the end will help you return your items on your own with ease. Let’s move further to have a better understanding of the return policy of Petco.

What is the Pet Return Policy of Petco

Pet dogs that only enjoy playing with specific toys or pets that get stomach upset easily are difficult to figure out the right food or toy for them. However, Petco’s return policy is the suitable one as they make the return process simple.

In order to claim a refund in full for the items that do not fulfill your expectations have a 60 days return period from the date of purchase. You will get the amount to your account using the method that you chose. Payment through check is refunded by the company using corporate checks or cash.

Petco return policy after 60 days or without a receipt is possible, refunds will be in the form of credit.

Petco Fish Return Policy:-

Petco Fish accepts returns if the fish dies in 30 days as per the return policy. The dead fish can be returned to the store. Make sure to carry the water sample from the tank in order to specify whether the refund will be allotted or not.

Petco Dead Animal Return Policy:-

If your pet animal is sick within the return period of 30 days you can return them to in-store. Do not forget to provide government identity proofs and purchase receipts during the return process. 

Petco Return Policy on Open Food:-

In case the food purchased is not satisfactory, you can return the opened food to Petco. In some instances, eating the food your pet dog might have a stomach disorder then you can certainly return the food to the store. Petco also accepts return food if the food upsets your pet’s stomach.

How can I return pet food to Petco?

As of now, you have learned what Petco’s return policy states, you can now submit a return request to Petco by following ways.

i) Return products to store 
ii) Petco products return online 

i) Petco Food Products return In-Store: 

Return can be initiated in 1500 Petco locales. If the payment was made in cash but the store does not possess enough amount to refund, you will get a refund in the form of a corporate check.

To acquire a refund make sure you have a government identity card and the transaction receipt.

Store Return Ticket: Go to the Petco app or on the website and click on Order History. Next, tap on the item to be returned. You will get to see a ‘Store Return Receipt’. Tap on it to print and carry in-store or take your gadget to the store. 

Confirmation Purchase Email: Take a print of the confirmation email or carry the phone to show the email that confirmed the transaction.  With this, you can easily get your products approved for return.

In order to return the Products:-

  • Go to the Petco store in your locale.
  • Ask a representative to help you with your returns.
  • Give them a valid ID and the receipt.

ii) Petco Online returns

Petco returns are eligible whether purchased online or in-store. You just need to ship the items along with the receipt to the given address.
257 Prospect Plains Road, Ste. B Cranbury, NJ 08512

What are the exceptions to Petco Return Policy Exceptions

Here are a few exceptions to Petco Return Policy:-

Return Policy Prescription Food

Prescription food is not accepted in stores. You can just deliver them online to

257 Prospect Plains Road, Ste. B

Cranbury, NJ 08512

Refunds will be credited once the item is received by the company.

Prescription Medicine and Pharmacy Items – Petco Return Policy 

Petco does not approve return prescription pharmacy products through the mail or in-store.

If you want to return the product call at -1-877-738-6742, state clearly the reason to return it, and provide the details of the product.

Refunds will be approved for incorrect or damaged prescriptions.

Petco Pet Return Policy

The Petco company guarantees that invertebrates and live fish stay for 30 days from the time they are purchased.

If you are under 30 days then return the fish with the receipt and get a refund in full in the original form.

In case there is nothing wrong, the company does not accept returns.

Still, there is a way to return the animals by calling -1-877-738-6742 if any of the animals lose lives that you purchased online. Provide the relevant information regarding the order and also take a photo of the dead animal as evidence and send it through email.

Cali Vinyl Pet-Friendly Flooring of Petco’s Return Policy 

In order to qualify return you need to follow the pre-requisite:

  • The package should be unopened.
  • You need to attach an authorization of Cali Bamboo’s Return form for returns.
  • Pack the product carefully including the items that were in the package. Provide photos of the item prior to shipping.
  • Flooring returns need to have 5 boxes purchased, while transition returns need 5 pieces purchased at minimum.

Petco does not approve returns for sales exceeding over 60 days, and there is a loss of restocking charge of 25%.

Call at -888-788-2254 to reach Petco support service for Cali if all conditions are fulfilled. Shipments will be arranged by Cali Vinyl.


How much time is given to returning to Petco?

After purchasing products at Petco you cannot request a return after 30 days. The return should take place within a given period of time. The 30-day window starts when the order is shipped.

Petco Return Policy with Receipt

In order to be eligible for a refund receipt should be provided along with the returned item. If you fail to furnish the receipt, a refund is still offered in the form of store credit.

How to return Clearance Products?

If you do not wish to keep the clearance products then you can return the item to Petco within the deadline of 30 days.

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