Moosejaw Return Policy

You should be delighted with the purchase you made online or offline. when purchasing any item. There is always the possibility of returning a product if you are unsatisfied with it. When returning an item in person or online, be sure you are aware of the Moosejaw return policy. Examine this article’s list of exceptions and starting points for your simple returns to choose the best course of action.

What is meant by the Moosejaw Return Policy?

Moosejaw has stated that he will accept returns as long as they are for a product that can be sold. Within 30 days of purchase, all electronic devices are available for return. Drones and rooftop tent returns are only permitted during a 15-day window. Products must be returned in their original packaging with manufacturer tags, according to the Moosejaw return policy. If you are returning a pair of shoes, they ask for the shoe box as well. Within 60 days of the purchase, the refund will undoubtedly appear in the customer’s account.

Moosejaw Shoes Return Policy

Returns of shoes in their original packaging are accepted by Moosejaw. According to the Moosejaw return policy, a pair of shoes can only be returned if it is still in the original box with the receipt. The shoe company recycles and reuses the boxes. Because of this, they sternly demand that you return the shoe box along with the pair of shoes, failing which they won’t accept your returns. Make sure you’re not mixing up the packing with the shoe box.

Exception Product Moosejaw Return Policy

The only items that fall under the exemption category and can be returned within 15 days are drones and rooftop tents. Only returns of two electronic devices within fewer days will be accepted by the brand. The products’ original box and price tag from the manufacturer are required. You won’t receive a refund if you don’t comply with the terms of Moosejaw’s return policy.

Do open boxes be returned to Moosejaw?

The brand will accept your request for returns as long as the item is undamaged and in its original packaging. Make sure not to eat the shoe box together with the mailing box while returning a pair of shoes. The company asks for the returns of boxes along with the merchandise since they believe in recycling and reusing boxes.

You can return the free gift that you received in addition to the purchase of an item. It is important to return a free gift along with the purchase. If you don’t, your purchase will be reduced by the gift’s retail cost.

Conditions for Returns At Moosejaw

The Moosejaw return policy welcomes merchandise that has been purchased but not worn and has seen no use. There are specific requirements that your merchandise must meet before they can accept the return and process a refund in your account. The following are these standards:

  • The item must be in its original packaging and have a billing receipt.
  • Make sure the item is undamaged and contains the manufacturer’s tag.
  • All electrical devices should be returned within 30 days; drones and roof tents should be returned within 15 days.
  • Make careful to return any freebies you received in exchange for your purchase.

How can I return items to Moosejaw?

A product can be returned in person or online. Make sure the box you are returning has an original billing receipt attached.

Learn how to return items to Moosejaw.

Moosejaw online shopping return policy

When returning a shipment, include a return label with it. Using a fresh prepaid mailing label, drop it off at a nearby FedEx store. The refund will be reduced by $7.95 for postage. The shipping and authentication of the items will take 10 to 15 days. You will receive a return confirmation email from Moosejaw once they have verified the package.

Moosejaw In-store Return Policy on Sale Items

When returning a product in-store, you may bring the original invoice from your purchase with you as proof. According to the Moosejaw return policy, you can easily make returns at your neighborhood shop within 30 days.

Returns to International 

You can mail the item for return through your preferred carrier if you don’t reside in the United States.

Moosejaw Returns/Exchanges

1500 East Avis Drive

Madison Heights, MI 48071

Make sure you have purchased the item using online payment methods because COD is not permitted. The cost of international shipping will be subtracted from the refund. Until the brand receives the delivery, you should undoubtedly receive a tracking number.

Exceptions to the Moosejaw Return Policy

The Moosejaw return policy is straightforward and easy to comprehend, yet it has severe requirements that customers must adhere to. Along with the terms, the policy has a few exceptions where returns are not permitted. These goals are as follows.

  • Sales, bargains, and promotions for items
  • Promotional items and special deals
  • advertisements with placards that read “% Off”
  • Items that are worn, damaged, refurbished, or on clearance
  • Final sale products such as gift cards, groceries, load-bearing equipment, and climbing gear

Policy for Moosejaw Exchange

Products can only be returned to the Moosejaw store or online if they are in sellable condition. According to the Moosejaw exchange policy, there is no guarantee that the product will be in stock at the time of exchange. The item must be returned to the brand in its original condition in order to be exchanged. Simply provide the necessary information in the note for the exchange, stating the reason and the item you wish to replace your existing one with. The

Policy for Moosejaw Refunds

The team will confirm your return once you bring the item back to the shop or send it to Moosejaw. They will email you a confirmation once they have received the product and gone through the verification process. You will get your refund in accordance with the Moosejaw return policy within 12 to 22 days, and it will be applied to your account using the original payment method.

Will I be given my Reward Dollars back?

The points you acquired when purchasing an item at full price will not be deducted when you return it. However, if you return a product and have earned 10% in reward dollars, that 10% will be deducted from your refund.

REI Return Policy Vs Moosejaw

REI does not offer veteran discount policies but Moosejaw does.

Shipping charges i.e deducted the shipping cost.

Hope, this article will help you to be aware of the exchange or refunds along with the return policy of Moosejaw.

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