Mary Kay Return Policy

Mary Kay is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services possible. In light of that commitment, the company has established a return policy that is simple and easy to follow.

Return Policy of Mary Kay:

Customers may feel that the product is not as per their expectations. They decide to return it but are unaware of the terms and policy and this frustrates every customer when they are unable to figure out what to do next. So here we are with the return policy of mary kay consultant, mary kay inventory return policy, mary kay product return policy, and so on

Let’s have a look at what Mary Kay says about the return policy: 

People behind our Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants that offer sales of beauty items. Buying any time consulting the Consultants refunds will be allotted.  Beauty Consultant suggests customers buy a particular product and if they are not satisfied they can request for return.

  • Mary Kay approves your return if done within 30  days i.e. the given deadline.
  • A full refund will be allotted without deducting the charges for shipping.
  • Get in touch with the consultant directly if Beauty Consultants are not in service as per the Mary Kay return policy for consultants.
  • You can return any item purchased from Mary Kay, but please note that we cannot accept returns on items purchased for personal use or gifts.
  • To receive a full refund for the inventory products cited in the return policy, you must contact the Customer Service department at 888-812-4157 or
  • You will need to include your original transaction receipt with your return request.
  • Products to be returned to the store need to show proof of the purchase i.e the receipt.

What is the method to return Mary Kay Starter Kit:

Returning products either online or in-store seems to be a hectic process. You need to be careful with your products while maintaining the return policy of inventory. 

If you do not wish to keep a starter kit you can do so by returning the kit and getting out of the account that you signed up for recently.

Users of the US can cancel the agreement by returning the kit. The product should be unused and need to return within the given time mentioned above. If you returned the product in 1 year then the refund will be allotted 90%. The convenient way to return is to reject the UPS delivery. 

In case you use some beauty products you can get them replaced with new ones. You can also swap used testers from the kit with other consultants if they need. If you do not place any order you can get out of it without returning your starter kit.

Subsequently, there are other methods Mary Kay suggests for the Return Policy to be accomplished:

i) Online Mary Kay Returns Policy:

Mary Kay products can be returned online if bought online. Follow the 30-day rule to complete the return process.

  • Go to Mary’s Site by tapping the Login tab. 
  • Next, select the Orders section and pick the product from the list in order to return. 
  •  Specify the reason for the return. 
  • Get the Shipping Labels on the registered email. Take a printout and paste it on the package properly. 
  • Next, you need to mail the product to the required address.
  • Wait for the return confirmation. 
  • After fully verifying the product refund will be allotted deducting the cost of shipping.

ii) Mary Kay Customer Return Policy In-Store:

When you decide to return the product as a consultant or customer make sure to have tags attached to the products that you wish to return. 

The in-store returns process requires customers to take the product to a nearby store with the receipt along with them. Also, other inventories should be included with the returns. Your product will be scanned and verified before processing the refunds. Once the return is approved, the refund will show up in 7 to working days in your payment account. 

Suppose you do not wish to return but want an exchange then you can do so only if the item is defective or not as you ordered. In such cases, refunds will take 10 days to appear in the account.


What is a day code for Mary Kay Returns:

The code includes a part number, shade name, and the day code available at the bottom of the container, or the crimp of a tube of the products. This implies the expiry date of the products.

What if I lost my receipt:

If you purchase at a store, a receipt is mandatory. Without it, a return might not be possible.

What is the address to send the Mary Kay Inventory:

Online purchases mail to Mary Kay Inc.

To whom I can return my Mary Kay products:

Beauty Consultant
The Company

How much time taken to refund:

The time to get refunds credited is 7 to 10 working days.

What if I cancel after Shipping:

Items shipped are not canceled.

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