Lululemon Return Policy

Worry about returns at Lululemon? What if your problem is resolved by reading this article? It’s quite common that you want to return the product and this might not be your first one. Always remember to go through the return policies so that you do not have to face issues later on.

What will be the return policy of Lululemon?

Lululemon Athletica is a retailer, of apparel for athletes running internationally. Price here is expensive because the company offers quality products, and innovative designs with a strong brand name.

Lululemon return policy takes up to 30 days and within this period you need to make the return request. The return comes with free shipping whether in-store or online returns.

In order to make eligible the items for return you need to assuage some concerns:-

  • Products need to be in good condition and not worn once
  • Tags should be intact.
  • The receipt that you made a purchase at Lululemon.
  • Products that are from the final sale are not approved for returns.

There are a few peculiarities for the products to be returned to the Lululemon store:-

  • Gift cards
  • Clearance sale items
  • Double strap mask for face

During Covid 19 pandemic, the company took the initiative to close the store in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Customers who wish to return items received an extension of the period i.e. returns are allotted after the store reopens.

What are the methods to return items at Lululemon?

Lululemon accepts returns if the product is unworn and with tags attached. You can return the items by visiting the store near your locale or through the mail. Let’s understand the return policy in detail.

Return Policy Lululemon In-Store

Do you know that offline returns are processed faster than online ones? You need to search for the store nearby and then move with the product to the store. Make sure you have the receipt as proof of the purchase. Furnish them to the staff at the returns counter. In case you made purchases online, the store still accepts the return. Online purchases receipt is acquired in your account. Whereas store purchases are to be returned to the store only.

The company denies the return of Like New returns at the store as there is no process for returns.

Lululemon Returns Policy Online

 If you are not satisfied with your online purchase you can request for a return in 30 days. Select Fast Track Return or Return to Original Method of Payment. 

There are two ways to make a request either as a member or guest. If you are a member you can access the option  Fast Track Return,  having returning items up to three.

The guest return needs to follow the instruction:-

  • Visit the online webpage and tap on Returns.
  • Next, type your Order Number and mention your Billing Email ID.
  • Now, scroll through the items and choose which you expect to return.
  • Tap the Submit tab.
  • Take the printout of the Return Label.
  • After that, you will get an RMA number. This number helps the customer to track the return process.

In case, you already have an account at Lululemon then follow the steps below:-

  1. Click the link
  2. Next, log in using the credentials or type the Order Number and Email ID.
  3. Pick the items to be returned from the list.
  4. Take a print of the return label.
  5. Submit the return request and then head to the email to get the RMA number.
  6. Next, place the product in the original box and paste the return label.
  7. Now, go to FedEx or USPS to drop off the package through mail.

You can also reach out to customer service over text -at 1-877-263-9300 or dial -1-604-215-9300 to request a return.

You need to wait for a refund till the item reaches the warehouse. This might take 3 to 5 working days to process the return. If your request is not accepted or no response from the company”s part. Try reaching them by calling customer service or using the Live Chat option.


Lululemon Performance Return

You need to go to Lululemon Performance Return and fill out the form online. In this form, you will be asked what were issues you are facing with the product. If the request made is approved then you will receive the information in order to return the product to Lululemon. If the item does not live up to your standards and lacks quality then according to the promise the product can be requested for return approving your return.

Can you return Lululemon without tags?

No, you cannot return Items at Lululemon without tags. If you want to return items at the store, you will be asked to furnish the purchase receipt. But for online purchases, no receipt is required while returning the product.

Lululemon Holiday Return Policy

Holiday Policy at Lululemon approves more than 30 days. Usually, the time limit is up to 30 days but during the holiday you might enjoy extra time to return your product.

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