JCPenney Return Policy

On this page, we are trying our best to present before you with the Return Policy of JCPenny. This knowledge is based on an educational point of view.

JCPenney’s policy for returns appears to be incredibly awesome in the first case, but moving towards it you will find that the company has some exceptions which are important for buyers to understand and do a little bit of analysis before purchasing items at JCPenny.

Let’s have a thorough understanding of the return policy.

What is JCPenny’s Return Policy 

JCPenney returns does not arrive with a deadline for return. The request for a return can be made at any period of time. But, if the return is of Electronics or Jewelry items, they have return time mentioned in the return policy.

Return Policy at JCPenney With Receipt

In case, during returns you provide the purchase receipt, the return is approved with a full refund or for an exchange. The refund amount will be repaid using the mode you selected while paying for the order.

Return Policy at With No Receipt

Customers sometimes misplace the receipt and fail to provide it while returning the product at the store. In such situations, you will receive an exchange option or obtain a voucher card for future purchases. The amount refunded will be the lowest cost of the item within the period of 45 days.

You need to submit valid identity proof if you want to accomplish the return.

If you are from the state of Connecticut and Massachusetts, a refund with the sales tax amount will be credited if returned requested within 90 days of the term period as mentioned in the JCPenney Return Policy.

What are the exceptions at JCPenney’s Return Policy 

Here are the items that follow the inflexible return policy:

i) Portraits:- The time is fixed to 60 days and within the mentioned period you have to return the item and claim your refund money.
ii) Digital Images & CDs:- No returns or exchanges approved for such items, concluded as final sale.
iii) Special Dresses for Occasion:- If the dress still has the Green tag attached, a return is possible.
iv) Fine Jewelry & Watches:- As per JCPenny’s jewelry or watches return policy, items are to be sent in 60 days with the transaction receipt. But be sure that products are not being used, worn, and in their original state and are packed in the original box.
v) Furniture & Mattresses:- You can keep such products for a long to return to request a return within 48 hours from the time of delivery.
vi) Eyewear & Contact Lenses:- Customized eyewear and lenses that are unopened should be returned within one day of the purchase date. If the item is not satisfactory you can exchange it in 60 days.
vii) Electronics & Fitness Equipment:- The items here are to be returned within 2 days of receiving them. Do not forget to include the manuals, sales receipts, and accessories inside the box. Also, you need to pay a 15% charge for restocking and the pickup charge amounts to $85. No stores accept the return of electronic & fitness equipment. 
viii) Smartwatches & Fitness Trackers:- The return period is 10 days from the date of purchase and needs to be the original package with accessories.
ix) Custom Blinds, Shades, & Draperies:- You can return such products if you receive a defective, damaged, or not suitable in size.

The manufacturers of JCPenney make them as per the exact specifications and customized items are not for resale. This is the reason why companies do not accept returns of such products.

JCPenney items are not for Returns 

The return policy states that not all items that you purchase are approved for returns:

  • Face Masks
  • Gift Cards
  • Body Jewelry
  • Ear piercing kits
  • Altered items
  • Personalized Items
  • Monogrammed items
  • Non-durable foods and services

How can Return Items a JCPenney 

The returns at JCPenney are possible by utilizing the following methods:-

  • Return of JCPenney items at the Store
  • JCPenney/returns online 

i) JCPenney Returns In-Store 

The product to return at the JCPenney store outlet can be exchanged or requested for a refund.

The steps to request a return in-store are as follows:-

  1. Pack the items carefully and then check if you missed something important.
  2. Carry the receipt as proof.
  3. Visit the store that accepts JCPenney returns.
  4. On reaching find the staff that manages the returns procedure.
  5. You will be asked about the product details. Submit all related information about the product and request a refund or exchange for it.
  6. You might receive a refund instantly in this process.

ii) How do I return the Online Order at JCPenney?  

You can mail your online orders, just make a request for a return fill up a form available on the invoice, and then deliver the product through mail to the address at:


Reno facility 11111 Stead Blvd. Reno, NV 89506-1500


Kansas City facility 10500 Lackman Rd. Lenexa, KS 66250-0001


11111 Stead Blvd.


NV 89506-1500


Kansas City facility

10500 Lackman Rd.


KS 66250-0001


Columbus facility 5555 Scarborough Blvd. Columbus, OH 43232-4730

The shipping charges will be borne by buyers except for the items that are from the website of JCPenney. The shipping fees are refunded if the company is at fault such as – the product received is damaged, defective, and not the one that you ordered.

The return process seems too long relying on the method of payment. 

  • If you purchase using a credit card from JCPenny then it would usually take 3 – 4 working days to get back the money.
  • If purchased using credit cards or bank then, refunds will be credited in 7 to 10 days.
  • Store returns are refunded in cash.
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