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Concerned about “How do I return HP Ink Cartridges?” The return policy of HP is dispersed leading to confusion. HP has its own norms and policy and you should be aware of it in order to avoid problems while willing to return and exchange HP items.

In this article, we will be talking about HP instant ink return used cartridges’ Return Policy. 

What HP stores in the Return Policy:

Products bought from HP might be defective or might fail to reach customers’ expectations. Not to worry as the company has the rule to accept returns or exchanges if the products fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Most returns are accepted if requested in 7 days. If the products are from any HP Technical Support, HP Parts Store, HP Software, and HP Retailers then returns are denied. 

The prerequisites that you need to follow for returns or exchanges:-

  • Received defective product returns are approved in 14 days.
  • Shipments at the wrong address returns are accepted in 14 days.
  • If the order placed was incorrect by the customer then the return will be approved. Make sure the item should be unopened and unused.
  • If the order is canceled before being shipped then no fee will be charged. In case the order is already shipped then you need to follow the rule cited under the return policy.
  • 5% charges on cancellation will be charged from the refund amount by returning an unharmed HP Laptop product in 14 days.
  • The items like HP instant ink cartridges should be properly packed while returning the product back to the store. Accessories also need to be packed with the returned item.

The terms and conditions apply to the objects:-

  • Gift Cards are not accepted for return unless included by the policy. 
  • Software Package returned if not being used. 
  • Software downloads are not returned 
  • Large printers can only return if the fault is on the company’s part. 
  • If the product is from Final Sale returns are not approved. 

Products from HP always have warranties that allow you to fix or send the item back to the HP store if there are manufacturing or material flaws.

How do I return used HP instant ink cartridges:

Before sending the item to HP, contact customer service and explain the problem. Dial -1-800-108-4747 then pick 1 key and then the 2 keys on the keypad.

For processing returns:-

Orders made online or by phone on hp.com are accepted. When you decide to call over the phone you need to be ready with the following information.

  • Details of the customer service.
  • Ensure whom you contact to help with your return procedure. 
  • Product Number and Serial Number 
  • Description of the problems. 
  • If an error code occurs
  • You can hard reset the device with the help of an experienced specialist. 
  • Provide the information for the faulty part that you wish to return. 

Deciding to return the Hp Laptop or Ink Cartridges you need to submit the RMA Number. You can opt for the online method as the new user or guest user.

Return of item as the registered user as Return Policy:

In order to begin the return procedure adhere to these steps:

  1. First, Authenticate the account.
  2. Go to the “My orders” section. 
  3. After descending, select SHOW ORDER DETAILS.
  4. To return an item, tap the option Return Item. 
  5. Choose the objects you want to return and press the Continue tab. 
  6. Decide the quantity to be returned. 
  7. Select the product’s corresponding serial number.
  8. Select the “Continue” tab. 
  9. Choose the return reason and give a thorough justification.
  10. Decide if you want to make an exchange or return. 
  11. To request a return, click Request a Return.

Print the prepaid shipping label received at the email, deliver the package at a FedEx outlet, and keep the receipt.

HP return policy as a Guest user:

Returns from guests are similar to returns from members. There are two ways to begin the procedure, and you must:

  1. Authenticate with the email address
  2. Locate the email of the order confirmation that HP sent you when you placed the order.
  3. Select the My Order Status link.

Also possible

  1. Open the Order Status section for HP.
  2. Enter the last four digits of the billing phone number, email address, and order number.
  3. Now, click Find Order.

The Orders page will be shown. After that, proceed as a registered user would. Print it off or download it to the phone when you get the prepaid shipping label on the email, then deliver the package to the FedEx location.

HP return policy Reddit:

Many users have commented on the return policy on Reddit. You can also find answers to the questions.

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