Half Price Books Return Policy

If you are an epic reader Half Price Books is just what you need. Half Price Books is a bookstore offering the latest publications to its readers. Having purchased the wrong book and making up your mind to return might lead to questioning yourself. Do half-price books accept returns? Can I return items from different half-price bookstores? Can you return movies to half-price books? Such questions may bother you but we are with this article to resolve your issue.

On this page, we will be guiding you with the information on Half Price Books Return Policy.

What is the Return Policy of Half Price Books 

Readers of the United States can enjoy reading books from the Half Price Books store. Not only old books but also magazines, records, and other latest edition books can be obtained from the store.

The Return Policy of Half price varies for online and offline customers. If you acquired a book from a store then you can return it to a different store located nearby your location but that should be a store of Half Price Books. Check that the book to be returned should have all tags intact in the original box. You need to show your Photo identity proof and mobile number that you registered during purchase. You will receive the return confirmation on your registered mobile number. They do not contact customers through mail and this is mentioned in the return policy norms.

Dial (800)-883-2114 to get in contact with customer service for further queries on returns. 

If you bought things using a Coupon you can surely return them and get a refund on the original cost deducting the coupon amount.

Software things were to be returned within a period of 30 days as mentioned in the Return Policy of Half Price Books.

What is the method for the return of Half Price Books:

According to Half Price Books Return Policy, if you want to return the items the store approves your return. The company offers two conveniences to obtain the purchases from it i.e. In-Store and Online. 

If the purchase is made at the Online Store return can be done by visiting the store at your nearby location.

The following steps we will be discussing to make your return policy easier:-

  1. Sign in to the account:

    First and foremost, go to the homepage by clicking on the Login button.

  2. Tap on Orders:

    As you click Login then you need to head to the Orders section in order to return the item. If you logged in as a Guest user then tap on the “Returning Guest” option.

  3. Enter the Order details:

    Next, enter the details of the order like the E-mail ID and the Order ID. The product’s details will pop up on your display.

  4. Select the Return option:

    Pick the Return product from the list and tap the book that you wish to return.

  5. Follow the instructions on the screen:

    You need to go through the instructions in order to get a print of the Return Label and Slip.

  6. Attach the Return slip:

    Now, keep your return slip with the returned item.

  7. Attach the Return Label:

    After that attach the shipping label to the box.

  8. Type the address:

    Send the product to the address of Half Priced Books Store.

Your product will reach the destination and you will be notified via confirmation email. After waiting for 3 to 5 working days, a refund will be credited to the purchaser’s account. 

Exchange Policy of Half-Price Books 

If you bought an extended edition book return of the king from Half Price Books online return will not be exchanged but if you bought in-store you can follow the procedure to exchange the items by visiting any of the stores. Carry the receipt to show the store as proof and exchange should be done within 30 days of purchase whether you purchased Half Price Books DVD or other books as mentioned on the return policy.

Refunds on Half-Price Books:

On approving the return of books refunds are allotted in the original form of payment. 

  • Online purchase product refunds are not given at stores. 
  • Discounts, Coupons, or Promotions are deducted from the purchase amount at the time of refund.
  • Opened products are not accepted at stores for return. 
  • If requested for a refund within a week of purchase then refunds will be allotted in cash and to the credit card.

Half Price Return Policy Exceptions:

Some of the points to keep in mind while returning items to Half Price Books.

  • The Return Label needs to be attached to the box or else the refund will not be approved. 
  • You can track the returns as Half Price Book is not responsible for any damage during the return process.
  • The package should be in the original packet when you decide to return the item to the store otherwise your return will not be approved for return.
  • If you receive movies as gifts you can return the item as per the return policy then the original buyer delivers the item and refunds it in the original mode of payment.
  • Software needs to be returned in 30 days along with the receipt of purchase.

I Hope, this guide will help you to return a book at Half Price Books with ease.

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