Groupon Return Policy

Groupon helps the customer to save some penny to some extent by offering services, goods, and travel facilities. But what to do if the company does not reach the satisfaction level leaving you dissatisfied with the products? No worries, you are on the right track just scan through this article, and you are done. 

What is the return policy for Groupon:

Can I return a Groupon purchase? Such type of questions makes the buyer think twice before purchasing products on Groupon. To know if a return is possible or not first check for the return policy.

Groupon’s return policy depends on the service chosen by the customer such as Groupon, Groupon Getaways, Groupon Goods, and GrouponLive. If you want a test for the finest prints head to the Groupon website.

You can make a request for a voucher refund just by submitting the return request within the given time period. But not all vouchers are approved for returns to the store. Vouchers returned can only be exchanged in most cases.

The return policy of Groupon is considered to be strict in terms of return. Still, the voucher from Groupon can be redeemed for purchases. Check for the expiration of the voucher in case you wish to return it, especially for vouchers from Final Sale.

How can I return my Groupon:


If you wish to return your Groupon Voucher a form will be given to you in order to make a refund request. Fill up the form and the time will be within a week of purchasing.

  1. Click on the Groupon Login option.
  2. In the Order Section, tap on the View Details option.
  3. You need to wait as the page loads and click on the Return button.
  4. The return will take 10 working days to process the transaction.

Groupon Getaways:-

Here, GrouponGetaways is quite complicated if we talk about returns. You will find some limitations or deadlines in the voucher and within that given period return is possible. Getaways have expiry dates printed on them and within that time you have to book in case you want to keep up at that locale.

  • Click on the Login tab.
  • Select the MyGroupons option.
  • Check for the details and then make the request for a return.


The items bought from Groupon should be in the same state as it was during the time of delivery. Get the product returned in a period of 30 days. Seek assistance with the help of a rep in order to ascertain your items.

  • Go to your Groupon account and tap the Login tab 
  • Tap on the My Groupons option.
  • Check the item details that you wish to return and make the return request.
  • Wait for some time to have your return processed.

Make sure to check all the tags and take the printout of the label and attach it to the  Groupon item.


These are mostly Final Sale items. Check the fine print on the vouchers before acquiring them online. If they are not from the final sale event then you need to log in to the Groupon account and tap on the MyGroupons option. You need to click on the details of the vouchers that you like to return.

What is the Exchange Policy of Groupon:

If you do not find a return option you can opt to select the trade-in to exchange option.

  • Using any browser or mobile app, move to Groupon.
  • Tap on the MyGroupons page.
  •  Pick the link Trade in Voucher and tap on it.
  • With the selected option you can opt to acquire another Groupon in exchange.

New vouchers can be obtained in a period of 60 days.

Note:- Groupon offers only online services and so no offline stores are available for return or exchange.

What is the Refund Policy of Groupon:

If your voucher is available for a return you will receive the refund amount of the purchase and if not refunded you can exchange it with Groupon Bucks.

How can you return unused Groupon without a receipt:

Groupon offers online services and so the details of the transaction can be easily accessed. You can contact the company to get the transaction details.  

Do Returns are accepted after 30 days on Groupon:

No, returns are not approved after 30 days passed on Groupon. You can utilize the vouchers after 30 days even though the promotion is over.

Here is the list of items that Groupon does not accept returns.

If you purchased Groupon from an unauthorized app or website, your return is not accepted.

I Hope, reading through this article you might get some idea about the return policy of Groupon.

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