Google Store Return Policy

Want to return the purchase to Google Store but before that, you need to abide by the return policy of Google Store. Here, in this article, we will be taking you to learn about the Google Home Return Policy along with that other topics like google phone return policy, google Chromecast return policy, google merchant center return policy, google pixel buds return policy, google nest wifi return policy, google return to work policy, etc will also be included.

What is the return policy of Google Store:

Google has extended its market to different levels starting from different electronic brands to accessories all are included and peddled by Google Store.

According to Google Store’s return policy, you have 15 days in hand to make a return request.  to return any electronic items you’ve purchased there. Ensure that new purchases like Google Fi phone or Google Pixel 4a or 6 or 6 pro are bought within 15 days.

But the product, Nest Thermostat, Pixel Buds Pro, Nest WiFi, etc will have a 30 days period to return the product to the store as stated in the policy.

What are the conditions to return items at Google Store:

The return policy for Google Store lists a few prerequisites that must be met for the return to be processed within the limited time frame. 

  • The item needs to be returned in pristine condition.
  • If a factory reset is required, you should do it to satisfy the requirement “return as delivered”.
  • Additionally, you must return all included accessories for the device.
  • Return the Google Book within the 30-day period of purchase including Google Chromecast.
  • Google Play returns are approved within two hours of purchase as per the policy.

Calculation of Delivery Date 

Google Store properly handles returns and knowing the precise delivery date is essential. The majority of purchases including those that are personally delivered allow for the simple recording of the delivery date. You will have 15 days from the requested date to return any items you purchase through a delivery appointment.

What are the criteria to receive refunds:

Refunds are allotted through the original mode of payment. A fee will be deducted on restocking available to some regions of the U.S. In case you select the lowest standard delivery then the cost for shipping will be deducted.

How can I ask for an exchange on Google:

You cannot request an exchange for the returned product as stated by Google Stores.

What to do if your return period is over:-

If the product is defective you can opt to request a return through the return period comes to an end. 

There may be different refunds and return refund policies for some products bearing the third-party brand that is also offered for sale by independent sellers, such as Amazon or Best Buy.

How can I return to Google Store:

A three-step procedure is outlined in the Google Store for returning any purchase. To receive the return reimbursement while staying within the 15 or 30-day window.

Inform Google Store of the Product You Want to Return

The steps involved in starting a return with Google Store are as follows:-

  1. Access the order containing the item to be returned. 
  2. Look for the Return option in the order section and determine whether the goods qualify for returns.
  3. Observe the directions provided on the screen.

After following the instructions, Google Store will send you a confirmation email for a return shortly.

Follow the packing instructions:

Before preparing the item for return, you will be required to discard any personalization.

Things to be included:-

  • To be in good packaging 
  • Bundled and Device accessories to be in the delivery position 
  • Manual document to be included inside the box 
  • Attach the custom form received through the mail

Things to be excluded:-

  • Remove the SIM 
  • The back cover of the device or any batteries 
  • Accessories that are not included in the box need to be excluded

Returning the Google Phone to the Google Store

The product should reach the ultimate manufacturer in the original packet. 

Here are the steps to be performed in the last step for the Google store:

  • Use the shipping label from the support email to send the item.
  • Send back multiple goods individually unless otherwise instructed.


The refund usually takes 14 days to process the refund and credit to the account. 

As per Google Return Policy, Google Merchant Center and the default return policy will allow customers to make returns for up to at least 30 days, from the delivery date.

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