GameStop Return Policy

Can I return the games to GameStop? For such types of queries, we have created this article so that you can obtain some help from it in order to learn whether your items are eligible for return or not.

You need to be clear about the terms and conditions of Gamestop topics such as GameStop used game return policy, GameStop pre-owned return policy, GameStop returns policy for new games, GameStop returns without a receipt, and so on.

What is the return policy of GameStop?

The return policy here is quite inflexible particularly if you wish to return opened games and also your return is without a transaction receipt. GameStop offers returns within 30 days period starting from the purchased hour.

As per the GameStop Console Return Policy, returns are allowed for new purchases along with a receipt and a refund will be provided in a week after making a request comprising the pre-owned stuff and gaming consoles.

Pre-owned products are guaranteed and tested in order to operate. In case you do not wish to keep the product, return the item in 30 days to get an exchange.

Defective items also get 30 days to request for a return which is the exact manner you received for returning other items on Gamestop.

If you want to return new products purchased online, the following eligibility criteria you need to act in accordance with:-

  • A receipt is mandatory if you want to have a full refund.
  • Make sure you did not open the items. 
  • Pre-owned items are subject to return in 7 days.
  • Downloadable Content, PC downloads, Point of Sale Activation, or Digital Games are not eligible for returns.
  • Gamestop’s return policy for New items as per return policy is made to return in 30 days.
  • Unused Tablets receive a refund in 14 days.

Items that are not accepted for return:-

  • If you surpass the return period i.e. exceeding 30 days.
  • Opened items are not approved for return.
  • Items that are returned in a different box.
  • Damaged, not including the accessories or playing the game.
  • Items mentioned under the Bundle option.
  • Sale Items are not for returns.
  • Online orders if more than $500 then no return is possible in-store.

Gamestop Holiday Return Policy 

As of December Holiday, there are no offers or extended returns during Christmas Holiday. You can choose Gift Card if you are not sure what to purchase Gifting video games during Holiday Season.

How to return GameStop Stock:

If you do not wish to return the stocks, you can return the item online or by visiting the store in person.

GameStop returns Online Order:

You can mail your items to be returned. You’ll have to pay an $8.99 shipping fee for mailed returns. GameStop offers returns through the mail with a shipping fee of $8.99.

 The following instructions you need to go through:-

  1. Go to the GameStop Return website to return your items via mail.
  2. Next, fill in the Order ID and Email ID that you used while buying the product using the Email Address.
  3. Now, follow the directions in order to place your return. Type the reason for the return.
  4. Print the shipping tag and paste it at the top of the box.
  5. Pack the item and drop it at the nearby UPS to send through mail.

Return of GameStop items in-store:

  • Visit the webpage of GameStop.
  • Tap on the Help Center tab on the Get Help option.
  • Select the option “Returns & Exchanges” below Helpful Topics.
  • Now, search for the store nearby below Returning Products Purchased Online tab.
  • Next, go to Store Finder and Type the location code. 
  • Heading to the store and returning it. The packing should be in its original form. 
  • On completing the product verification, a refund will be processed, and get the money at a store.
  • If the refund money is more than $150 you will get the amount through the mail in the form of a check dispatched from the office in 14 working days.


How to contact customer service for a return?

Call -1-800-883-8895 to get the return authorization over the phone.

GameStop Game Return Policy 2022 Or 2023

You will find two options to return your game stuff to GameStop i.e. via mail or in-store.

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