EyeBuyDirect Return Policy

If you want to have eyewear, EyeBuyDirect is the best option. You can get cool glasses with or without your prescription. Also, there are different sunglasses for sports, computer glasses, and much more on the web. The purchases can be made online but in case the product does not arrive as described on the site. Do not worry because the return policy of EyeBuyDirect is simple and easy to follow.

Before any purchases you are required to look for the return policy because there is no such guarantee that the product will be delivered correctly. So our main motive is to provide knowledge to the readers if they face any issue on returns they can easily get out of it following the procedures.

What is the return policy of EyeBuyDirect?

EyeBuyDirect follows a simple return policy providing a return period of 14 days. The option Fit & Style warrants allowing returns of glasses within a 2-week period for replacement or refund without providing any reason. The company also offers a 365-day return policy for Product Guarantee which signifies customers have the replacement option if the item is a defective one. The return should be done within a year.

If the product returned does not comply with the conditions set under the return policy, EyeBuyDirect will reject the returned product.

There are a few points to take into consideration:-

  • Replacements and Store Credits are not refunded.
  • You have to initiate the return and notify the company about the same through email, phone, or chat whichever is available.
  • You can make a request for only one order if ordering a similar product or receive store credit.
  • Making a request for another item should be done after the closing of the previous one.
  • If you made an order at EyeBuyDirect, credits will be used up. On a single order, $50 referral credits can be utilized on the orders.

You will be happy to learn that EyeBuyDirect has free returns if returned within 2 weeks of receiving the order but shipping charges will be paid by the buyer itself.

Exceptions on returns or damages as per return policy:-

  • Inappropriate maintenance
  • Damage by yourself
  • Due to negligence, the product is damaged

How to return EyeBuyDirect Glasses

Returns at EyeBuyDirect does not provide returning the glasses to any physical store. There are two options the company suggests for customers who wish to return or replace their glasses. Following the return period of 14 days or 365 days, return is possible through the account i.e. online at eyebuydirect.com or requesting customer service for return.

Can you return EyeBuyDirect Glasses through Account?

Yes, for sure returns through an account is possible. Here are the steps involved to return the item to eyebuydirect.com.

  1. First and foremost, you need to go to an EyeBuyDirect account and enter login credentials by tapping the My Orders page.
  2. Pick the option “Return Item”. This button is obtainable for 3 months as you make the request for the order.
  3. Once clicked you will be contacted by the support team to assist you.
  4. Next, share the Confirmation ID of the Delivery to the support center when asked.
  5. Now, follow the instructions and complete the shipping procedure.

Return of EyeBuyDirect Glasses through Customer Service

If you wish to have direct contact with customer support you can utilize the phone or email option.

  1. Dial -1-855-EYEBUY1 (-1-855-393-2891) to reach the customer team to resolve the query.
  2. Compose an email to the company and send it to eyecare@eyebuydirect.com

You will be notified about the shipping procedures through email.

After the return is approved, the refund will be processed and credited to the account statement in 48 hours. The refund money will be sent to the selected mode of payment.


EyeBuyDirect’s return policy contemplates the dedication to customer happiness and enthusiasm for the quality of the products. By offering a reasonable return window and a simple procedure, they seek to make the online eyewear shopping experience as smooth as possible. Remember to read and understand the specifics of the return policy prior to making any purchase, assuring you are familiar with the rights and responsibilities as a customer. You can also check Reddit to learn more about EyeBuyDirect returns if anyone has posted about it this will be helpful.

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