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What is Express Return Policy? Worry about how one smoothly carries the return process? This article will show the manners to complete the returns claiming a refund in no time. We have also included topics like american express platinum return protection, express bottle return, returns.narvar/express/returns, and so on.

Express deals in clothing focusing on millennials as American retailers. Sometimes people don’t even think before purchasing any product online and later regret leaving no options other than returning the product. In some cases, shopping at stores also leads to dissatisfaction, and if you are the one then tapping on this page will help you figure out the strategies but before that have a look at the return policy.

Return Policy for Express Returns 

If Express Returns hunts you as you are new to it then reading this article will let out your worries. The company allows 60 days to decide whether you wish to keep the product or just return it. The product will move to several procedures and finally, your refund will be allotted after passing the checks at the warehouse. The return policy approves your return if you have not used or washed the item before sending them for return. Do not try to remove tags if you want the return to be accepted. 

Taking the product to the store make sure you have the receipt along with you. Because here the receipt plays an important role and also helps to claim refunds. 

Electronic Express return policy: Exchanges or Returns need to be done in 30 days so that return is approved. Do not try to return gift card items.

Eyemart Express return policy: Returns are carried in 30 days and if you have a prescription, then the return period is extended up to 90 days.

Pet Food Express return policy: Pet foods with receipts can be eligible for return or exchange in 30 day window.

We have grabbed some facts that show Express items do not qualify for return under certain conditions:-

  • If the items are used or damaged by the customer and now he wishes to return.
  • The product tag is missing.
  • Items with Final Sale at a price of $5 or $15.
  • Gift Cards.
  • If the return is requested after 60 days then the company does not take responsibility for the product.

How do I return Express items?

The company provides returns in the form of returns at stores and online. In order to understand the process you need to study in detail the methods that we will be discussing below.

Express Online Return Policy 

In order to return the product you do not require any skilled technician to resolve the issue. The return should be requested in 60 days starting from the date of purchase to be eligible for the online return. 

The steps involved to return the product online:-

  • Click on the site to request a return.
  • You will be directed to the Returns section.
  • Next, type the Order ID and the ZIP code.
  • Pick the reason for the return from the required list.
  • If you have more items to return then make sure to select the reason for every item.
  • Now, check that you have marked the correct items for return.
  • Now, click on Submit to complete the return request. 
  • After that, you will be provided with a shipping label which you need to print and paste on top of the return package. Then you need to send it through the mail service. Here, the service is only for only purchases not for store purchases products.
  • Do not forget to remove the barcodes or addresses from the package.
  • Take the package to FedEx to return the Express item as per policy. In some locations, FedEx opts for pickup return and the shipping charge will be deducted from the redemption money.

The address where you need to send the packet:-

EXPRESS – Returns,
30 Transport Drive,
Walton, KY 41094

Note: Online returns do not require receipt while sending via mail service.

Express Return Policy In-Store 

If you have purchased the product at the store, do not take the item to delivery through the mail. Visit the store and the return will be approved at the store. Carry the receipt where your purchase details are present and on submitting the receipt, the item will be accepted. 

In case, you do not have the receipt, still do not worry as officials at a store will search the database to retrieve your purchase history. If the payment is made by credit card, the details will be surely available in the system. Items like fragrance and batteries are accepted at the store only. Offline returns receive a refund instantly.

After your return is confirmed you will receive an email and a refund will be in the process. This would take 14 working days to get your refund credited.


Express Outlet Return Policy

Here the return policy approves the conditions of return if requested in 60 days. Call at -1-888-397-1980 or send an email to for further queries.

Tennis Express return policy

If the item is over $75, a return is free and a request should be made in 60 days.
You can also send the item over the mail to the address by paying the shipping bill which is non-refundable.
Tennis Express Returns Department 
10771 Westpark Drive 
Houston, TX 77042

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