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How do I change my return flight on Expedia? Life is unpredictable and what emergency it shows no one can predict especially in the case of flight bookings. There are situations that force passengers to cancel the booked flight ticket for not being able to attend the flight on the scheduled date. If you decide to cancel the booking then you are on the right page.

Expedia has a fair return policy for making changes to flight reservations. In this article, we will also take into notice Expedia’s Return to different Airports, answering your queries as far as possible.

Expedia Return Policy:

The airline Expedia offers travel insurance for the benefit of passengers. If you need to cancel your flight you can make a refund request or get to book a flight if you travel in the future. The Protection Plan comes in $39 for a person covering that you can make changes in the flight ticket whatever the situation may be. Not only does the plan cover the flight date but takes care of the missing luggage, medical care, etc. 

Changing or modifications on your return flight at Expedia seems to be difficult if you do not understand the terms and conditions. The process of changing flight tickets to a later date is possible on the website at  Expedia.com or the app. You can also visit the airport and ask about changing return flights if you face any such problems.

If the flight is canceled within 24 hours from the time of booking the refund is approved in full. Still, there are some flights that do not approve refunds as cited in the norms of the Airlines. But you need not worry, as refunds are possible for non-refundable tickets in the form of credit that can be utilized on future travel dates. 

How can I change my return flight date with Expedia:

Now, the question arises “Is there an option for changing flight tickets at Expedia”. Yes, Expedia to change a flight option as per the terms and policies. Expedia gives an extra eye on passengers and always offers help whenever the need arises. Visiting the website you can get the info on rebooking and coverage prerequisites before opting to interact with Expedia. 

Go to the itinerary and understand the flight change policy. If you decide to change from a different airport to Expedia then this might not be possible as indicated in the terms and conditions. 

Expedia helps you to change the return flight date for the whole itinerary. If the changes are to be made for some bookings then visit the airport and reach out to customer services. 

What are the methods to change a return flight on Expedia:

There are possibly two ways to make changes or cancel the flight date on Expedia. One option is to log into the Expedia account and the other is by calling customer support on the phone.

Change Flight Date on Expedia Online:

  1. Go to Expedia.com from a browser and log in using credentials. 
  2. Next, tap on the “My Trips” option and choose the Upcoming tab. 
  3. Now, select the flight booking that you want to modify or change. 
  4. After selecting confirm the action.

Expedia Return flight changes over the phone:

Dial 1-866-310-5768 within the US and for international at 1-404-728-8787 customer support. 

Make sure to have your flight booking details handy whether you select to change the flight date online or offline. If Expedia cancels your return flight they will be ready to ready you but if you want to change or cancel the flight you need to cancel within the given time. 

During the Covid pandemic, the situation was such that Expedia had to cancel the bookings that were for a future date. This caused Expedia to bear losses but still, they decided to close in order to prevent the viruses. Once the situation is under control they will return to the office with their services. 

There is another option to get in contact with customer support by visiting the office in person. You can request the staff to change the booked flight tickets. If the changes are available on the booking made then a refund will be credited to your account or in credit form.

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