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Returns and Refunds of any item give rise to hectic times when the system is not processed properly or the purchaser is not aware of how to proceed with the unsatisfied product.

If you have already acquired the Eureka Item and now do not wish to keep the item. What is the next step to move further? Just read on to get your answers.

What about the return policy of Eureka:

If you have made up your mind to return Eureka Forbes items then going through the return policy mentioned in Eureka norms is the best thing you can do.

Reading the norms you will find that returns on Eureka are simple and easily understandable. 

Eureka offers a return within the 30-day period of the purchase. After the return request is made, the representative collects the package from your area. The warranty card and user manuals must be kept safely and need to furnish when asked. Also, keep the original billing carefully with you. The receipt helps the representative help you with the return process.

Still, some items like Water Softeners, water purifier cartridges, etc are not listed under eligible items. 

What are the ways to return Eureka Items:

There are in common two possible options for Eureka buyers to return their product: In store return and Online Return.

Eureka Return In-Store:

Purchasing Eureka items from the store can be returned if you do not like the product after taking it home. If you cannot return Eureka Ergonomic then as mentioned on the return policy you can visit the store and make a return request. If the purchase is within 30 days you are sure to have refunds after the company verifies the product.

The representative will reach you to collect the return. You need to furnish the necessary details related to the product so that the processing becomes easier for them.

Eureka Returns Online:

The products purchased online can be requested to return online on the app. As stated in the return policy, any representative from Eureka will reach you to get the returned product. 

  • Go to Eureka’s website and enter the credentials to log in. If the login details are already entered then just click Login.
  • Take the pointer to the cursor and pick the product for which you want the return. 
  • To check where the product is, type the order id and the list will be available on the screen. 
  • Answers questions and then proceed. 
  • Get the shipping labels and attach them to the product.
  • Pack the package and provide the related documents. 
  • After that, the representative will come to you to pick up the parcel. 

Sometimes, you might be asked to take the product to the store by yourself. If the product completes the verification process you need to wait for another 15 to 20 days to get your refunds. 

Refund Policy of Eureka:

Refunds are allotted after the company scans the product thoroughly. You will get the money returned in the way you purchased it. Cash payment users have to wait for the amount to be credited. 

If the return exceeds 30 days as given by the return policy, shipping charges will be borne by you unless the store delivered a defective item. 

What is the Exchange Policy of Eureka:

You can make a request for the item if you want to replace the product with another item. The return policy states that you have 30 days. Do not forget to take the manuals, receipts, and important papers regarding the purchase to show at the time of product verification. 

The product should be in good condition to be eligible for exchange. If the item exchanged is in stock you can easily exchange it otherwise you will find only the Return option online.

Get in touch at 18602661177 or 7039883333 if there are still any queries regarding Eureka Returns.


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