Discount Tire Return Policy

Having great deals on tires, accessories, and wheels in one shop is one that is desired. Discount Tire is one such independent company offering great deals on tires, wheels, etc to customers. If you do not like the product from Discount Tire there is no need to make any fuss as returns are easy as mentioned in the return policy.

Analyze this page on Discount Tire Return Policy to obtain a better understanding. 

What is the Return Policy for Discount Tire:

When any customer is happy with their purchase the company feels elated because customers are the main objective for a company to rely on. Discount Tire expects to satisfy customers with its hospitality. So, in the return policy of Discount Tire, it offers 30 days for buyers to return their products to the company. The return comes with a few of the prerequisites like the original receipt and mode used during the payment to be furnished on return.

Returns here are not fully guaranteed as they are handled individually as per the Discount Tire Return Policy on Tires.

Discount Tire indicates the mortar and brick stores locations and Discount Tire Direct is an online website where the company deals the transaction in online mode. If the order is made at discount tire direct, you can surely take the item to Discount Tire and make the return request. The customer support team will be assisting you with your return.

Mavis Discount Tire Return Policy

Mavis accepts returns within 30 days of the purchase period. Final Sale products are not approved under the return policy. 

How can I return items at Discount Tire:

If you want to return a wheel or tire to Discount Tire. Carry the transaction receipt along with the item in order to return the item. First, they will check whether the returned item is eligible for return or not.   

You need to follow the process of return in order to return products at Discount Tire Direct as mentioned in the return policy. 

The information regarding the name under what name the product was purchased. All these details will be clearly seen on the label of the packet. You will be inquired about the tire being used once in the car and in such criteria, no returns will be accepted by the company. 

Pack the item carefully with all the necessary details attached to the item. You will be happy to learn that insurance will be added to the shipment to protect the item at a cost. Make sure that the address for the return is accurate and valid. Also, secure the loose materials like nuts and bolts in a separate package.

In order to avoid chafing of wheels a sheet with a pad needs to be wrapped to protect the wheel. In case you expect to place two wheels in a single box, attach cardboard in between the wheels. 

Check if the package arrives with styrofoam make sure to pack the styrofoam in the same manner. Remove the staples before shipping and if you receive a damaged box you can request a new one.

Label the return with a valid address and seal it with good tape in order to protect the box from being damaged.

To return items at Discount Tire two methods are being used online and in-store. 

Receipts play an important role to accept returns because the rep who assists you can easily get your details. If you misplaced the receipt then provide the associates with more information regarding the return. 

Once the item is verified for return, a refund will be processed in 14 working days. 

Exchange Policy on Discount Tire 

If you want to exchange a product, a new item will be allotted on the order and you need to pay for it. The exchanged product will be returned and the amount credited to the account. 

Refund Policy on Discount Tire 

If the product is approved for return then you are requested to wait for 2 weeks to get your refund money credited to the account. The refund money received is credited in the original mode. 

Discount Tire does not give full money on refunds. They charge a fee for customized items and orders through Discount Tire  Direct charges will be included for bad packaging, a cleaning fee of $40, and freight charges.

Can you return the tires after driving them to Discount Tire:

If you already used the tire that you bought online from Discount Tire Direct, no returns will be accepted in this process. All the issues of returns are assessed individually. 

Discount Tire Return Policy Reddit 

A customer reported the issue on Reddit that in case the tire breaks down due to any defect, Discount Tire is ready to refund the full amount including Sales Tax. You will also get the option to buy a new one at the price of a refund.

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