Dillard’s Return Policy

Did your purchase on Dillard’s website not go as per your expectations? If you wish to return the product, you need to understand the return policy of Dillard’s to get a refund in the simplest manner.  The return policy is quite above board, easy to follow and understand, but particular with terms and conditions that describe how you can complete the return to claim the refund.

What is the return policy of Dillard?

The return policy followed under Dillard seems to allow customers to return the items within the deadline of one month. You can return products at the store or through the mail by requesting a prepaid return label. The items need to be in good condition with tags attached to them. Do not forget to provide a receipt as proof to approve the return. Dillard’s shoes should be returned in a genuine package as per the return policy.

The returns on Dillards are processed on the website and in this part, no retailer’s discretion is mentioned when it comes to handling returns. There are no obscurities or misconceptions because the anomalies in the rules are clearly mentioned.

All items purchased at Dillard need to follow the rule of return in 30 days.

If the return is approved, a refund will be allotted in the original form:-

  • Credit card payments are refunded to the card directly
  • Purchases made through checks need 10 working days to process refunds.
  • Payment through Afterpay, a refund is allotted in the form of a gift card.
  • The gift issued will be refundable in the gift card form.

Products that are not returnable to Dillard’s 

There are some items that do not have the return option and here is the list:-

  • Personalized items
  • Clearance products that are up to 65 percent or over it.
  • Items are reduced permanently with additional discounts

If the products are damaged, wrong, or defective then rules are not to be applied and you can request for return to get the refund money.

What are the possible methods to return products at Dillard’s

Items can be returned to Dillard’s whether purchased in-store or online excluding the Clearance Sale products. Take the products with tags attached and need to be in an unused situation along with the receipt to complete the return procedure. There are two methods to return the items: at the store and via Mail.

Dillard’s Return Policy to the Store 

You can return the unwanted item using the traditional method as many customers are quite comfortable following the steps here.

  1. Search for the Store in your location in the first case. 
  2. Next step, make sure to carry the receipt that defines your return as valid.
  3. Request the staff in charge to accept the return. This way you are one step ahead of claiming your refunds on the returns.

Dillard’s Return Policy Online 

The other method to return your products if bought at the store is via mail. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on Dillard’s website using the browser.
  2. Next, tap on the Return Form.
  3. You need to indicate whether you have the receipt or not. 
  4. Complete the form by filling up the space provided.
  5. Add the POP number available on the receipt.
  6. Next, verify the details and then download the shipping label and take a printout.

Dillard’s Return Policy For Online Orders

If the order is formulated online, still you can send it through mail following the steps mentioned.

  1. Using the browser, click on the Online Returns option.
  2. Next, enter your Order ID and the contact number.
  3. Tap on the Online Order Lookup option.
  4. Now, you need to follow up the instructions to get the return tag.
  5. After that, take out a print of the shipping label.

While returning the items pack them with the receipt included in the original packet. Paste the label and take the parcel to nearby USPS. After this, you need to wait for 7 to 10 working days to process the refunds.

Sending the products through mail, pay an amount of $9.95 for the label. You need to paste the shipping label on top of the box and deliver t the address –

600 Carnahan Drive,
Maumelle, AR 72113


Dillard’s Returns Policy After 30 Days

Returns after 30 days are not accepted as per Dillard’s return policy. Individual items with a longer period to return are only approved after 30 days. You can find about the returns on the receipt or on the product list online.

Dillard’s offers Returns for free 

As indicated in the return policy, returns at Dillard’s are free at stores only. But if you want to mail them then you will be charged for a shipping tag of $9.95. Dillard’s does not pay back the shipping fee if charged.

Return Policy on Dillard’s Without A Receipt

You need to keep the Dillard’s receipt carefully unless the return period is over i.e. 30 days. The receipt should be furnished during the return procedure. Still, returns are accepted without a receipt if you provide the Proof of Purchase Number constituting 12 numbers. You can also find the number on the yellow tag under the barcode.

How much time to get Dillard’s Refunds?

Returns to the store are refunded instantly. If you purchase at store but paid through checks, this would 10 working days to process refunds.

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