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CVS trades on prescribed drugs for a variety of household products. Here you can also find other services like Money Order. The stores remain open 24*7 providing services to people depending on the location. If the product fails to fulfill your expectation you can make a return request. But do you know how to return a medicine to CVS Store? There are other related topics such as cvs return policy without receipt 2022, cvs photo return policy, CVS careers return login, cvs amazon returns, and so on.

Let’s have a look at what are the guidelines to be followed in order to make a return at CVS with or without receipt 2022.

What is the Return Policy for CVS

The return policy of CVS states that returns are accepted whether there is no prescription, not being used, or unopened items in the CVS store or through the mail. The period to return is 60 days from the date of purchase or the date of delivery. CVS cosmetic goods and pharmacy can be approved for return in case you have opened the product. If the return is accepted, you will get an exchange or refund for the item. 

CVS Items Return Policy applicable for return

The return of items at CVS relies on the product type you are expected to return.

  • Prescription medicine 
  • Non Prescription items 
  • CVS Brand Items 
  • CVS Makeup Items

CVS return policy with a Prescription:- 

The return of medications at CVS varies from the return of other products at CVS. Contact customer service and get the information for the item to return. Call at -1-888-607-4CVS (1-888-607-4287).

If the prescription medicine is ordered online you need to follow the online procedure to make the request for a return.

CVS return policy without a Prescription:- 

You can purchase products from CVS as they provide items without a prescription. If the purchase was wrong, you can return the product and seek a refund for it.

CVS Makeup Return Policy:-

Return of beauty products at CVS appears with providing a refund in full. Get in touch with the customer team and do as per their instructs. Make sure to submit the receipt and the product should be in original condition in order to approve for return.

CVS Return Policy for Brand Products:-

If the purchased products do not bring satisfaction you can surely return the products using online or offline methods. As per the return policy, the items need to be in unharmed condition or else the company might decline your return. 

CVS Return Policy without a Receipt:-

If you have misplaced or lost the receipt still CVS approves your return. Refunds will be allowed on return in the form of store credit or get exchange for the same item. If you fail to prove the purchase,  the return will be declined by the company.

During covid, the return policy of CVS adjusted to the situation. No returns were approved for items like health and personal care. The items were not accepted though they are in good condition.

How to return CVS products 

As cited in the return policy, CVS products can be returned using two methods i.e. Online and In-Store. Prescription products purchased at cannot be returned to the CVS store or at any pharmacy.

Before requesting a return you need to be ready with the receipt, debit or credit card, Photo Identity proof, and other relevant information that would be asked to provide during the procedure.

Return of CVS Items at the Store

Store purchases are approved for return only at the store. Here are the steps that you need to follow:-

  1. First and foremost, look for the product eligibility for store return under Return Policy.
  2. Take the necessary documents to the store and provide the same to the staff in charge.
  3. The return will be monitored by a third party to process the refund.
  4. After completing the verification, the refund will be provided using the mode of payment utilized during the purchase payment.

Without a purchase receipt, the company will provide with an option of exchange or store credit.

Return of CVS Products via Mail

Online purchases at are returned through mail according to the return policy. The products purchased at the store can also be returned through the mail. The steps involved are as follows:

  1. Reach out to CVS customer support before returning the product.
  2. Next, deliver the product to the return address written on the receipt.
  3. The third-party will verify the return by going through several processes.
  4. The amount will be refunded to the account selected while making payments.


Hope, this guide will help you in returning your cosmetic, pharmacy, etc to the CVS store or online at

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