Canon Return Policy

Having numerous questions might confuse your mind when you decide to return a product that does not reach your level of expectation. Do not worry as we will be backing with this guide on Canon Return Policy including other topics such as When will Boruto Manga Canon return, canon printer cartridge return label, canon refurbished camera return policy, canon cartridge recycling return label, is the dark knight returns canon and so on.

What is the Return Policy of Canon:

As mentioned in the return policy of Canon, provides 14 days to return the purchased item if you find the product unsatisfactory. If the order received is exactly what you ordered then a refund is not possible. Contact customer care through email to request for a return. 

Canon offers an Online method to make a request for a return and get a refund. You can also opt to exchange an item for the same item if you receive a defective product.

Here are a few points to check on if you want to return Canon refurbished camera or Canon ink cartridge as specified in the return policy:

  • Get in touch with customer support in order to make a return request for a damaged item. 
  • To complete the return procedure the transaction slip should be packed with the product. This helps the associates to get through your problem. 
  • The processing time may take more than 2 weeks once approved for the return of refurbished camera products as noted in the return policy. 
  • In most instances, shipping charges are not included in the refund money depending on the product’s condition.
  • Your product should contain the number of returned merchandise authorizations. Broken products are accepted if you have an RMA code. 
  • Make sure the return is requested within the mentioned time frame or else no refund will not be approved.


During Covid -19, Canon company faced lots of ups and downs and decided to shut down temporarily. After some period of time, they came up with safety measures and operating working once again. According to the protocol, a mask was mandatory and proper sanitation was done to prevent the virus.

Amid this, the company’s online method did a great job. All customers were happy as they did not need to visit the store during the pandemic. Online procedure is still operating, attracting customers to surf online from the comfort of their homes.

The following instructions for a request of Canon Online Store Return Policy are as follows:-

  1. According to Canon Return Policy, returns are accepted only when they are unused and unopened. 
  2. Manuals and Cables of the product should be included in the box properly. 
  3. The transaction receipt plays an important role as no returns are approved without it. 
  4. Shipping fees are deducted from the refund money. 
  5. You need to fill up a return form to request for Canon Return. 
  6. The product returned should be in good condition so that the company can resell them. If the item is defective on delivery then you can make a request for an exchange.
  7. You can cancel your product before shipping at or call at -1-800-285-2155.

What are the Exceptions cited in Canon Return Policy:

  • CD ROMS and manuals if undamaged then no return is accepted and also exchange is not approved for such a situation. 
  • If you do not like one product from a single set you are requested to return the whole set of items packed properly with a return shipping label as noted in the return policy such as Canon Printer. 
  • No shipping charge if you sent a damaged product. 

Refund policy on Canon

Refunds are allotted on approval of the returned item. The process of refund might take time but it would credit your account within a week or later. 

  • The method will be the same as you used on purchasing the product. 
  • You will receive the refund confirmation mail. After receiving still the money is not credited, then contact customer care. 
  • The product after return passes through standard verification and if the complaint reported does not match with the product no refunds will be provided. 

Exchange policy on Canon store return policy

Some criteria that you need to abide by in order to request an exchange from Canon Company:

  • Contact customer service to check the eligibility and whether you can exchange or not. 
  • No adding of items once shipped. 
  • Delivered items need to follow the return policy.

Cancellations as per Canon Return Policy:

  • You can cancel the item if you do not find it suitable for use. 
  • Cancel the item in 14 days. 
  • No cancellation on undamaged products. 
  • You need to keep the item packed safely before requesting for return. 
  • Any loss in the item is not liable for cancellation. 

Canon Cartridge Recycling Return Label:

You can recycle the canon ink cartridge by returning it to the site of Canon and Recycling. 

  • Tap the Recycle tab and select the quantity.
  • Tap the Cart tab and select the Get Paid option.

You can also go to the local store to recycle the Cartridge Ink of the Canon Printer.

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