Cabela’s Return Policy

Cabela’s, a popular outdoor recreation retailer, has a return policy that aspires to ensure customer satisfaction with purchases. If you have made a purchase at Cabela’s and require to return or exchange the product, here’s an article to help you out with your returns with Cabela.

What is the return policy for Cabela

Return Period:-

Cabela’s typically follows a 60 days return period. This period gives customers ample juncture to consider the purchase and drive a conclusion.

Condition of Items:- 

In order to be suitable for a product return, items must be in their initial condition with packaging tags intact. Items should be free from any indications of wear or harm.

Purchase Proof:-

To process a return, furnish the receipt proving that you are the buyer. Cabela’s may deliver returns through different modes, including in-store, online, or by mail.

Refund Options:-

The mode you picked to make payment, and refund option will also rely on that. For example, if you spent with a credit card, the amount refunded will probably be credited back to the same card.


Certain items might not have the option to return as per Cabela’s guns policy on returns like firearms, ammunition, or other hazardous materials. It’s important to examine the return policy or get in touch with the customer team if you have any distrust about a respective product’s eligibility criteria for return.

Call the following number -1-800-300-1723 to request a return for damaged items.

What are the methods to return items at Cabela?

The company proposes methods like requesting online or visiting the store with the purchase proof or sending through mail option.

Returning Cabela items to store

If you prefer to return items in person, you need to visit a Cabela’s retail store at your locale. The staff will guide you with the return processing and answer any query you might have.

Whether the purchase is made online or offline, you can visit the store physically and return the product. The steps involved are as follows:-

  1. Go to the Cabela store and do not forget to bring the item along with you.
  2. Carry the details related to the product and move with the receipt.
  3. Go to the staff in charge and tell him the issue.
  4. The product will be scanned before approval for return.
  5. Once the item is approved you need to wait for the refund. This might take 2 to 3 days to credit to the account.

Cabela’s Return Policy no receipt in-store

  1. If you fail to submit proof at the time of return, the refund will be in credit form. You can opt to exchange the item or return it.
  2. Take a photo identity proof issued by Government.
  3. Your return might decline if you do not furnish any receipt.

Returning items Online at

If you purchased the item online, Cabela’s site delivers a simple return process. You can initiate a return through the online account or contact customer service for aid.

The instructions that you need to go through are as follows:-

  1. Click to enter Cabela’s Return section.
  2. Type the order ID and email ID and tap Next.
  3. Go through the instructions to initiate a prepaid label for return.
  4. Next, print the shipping label and paste it on the product box.
  5. The online process deducts $7.50 as shipping charges but if the fault is on the company’s part return is free of cost.

You can now send the item by mail to the address

Customer Returns,
501 Cliffhaven Rd,
Prairie Du Chien,
WI 53821.

If you wish you can pick other mail options using USPS or FedEx to return the product.

Oliver Cabell Return Policy

As per reports of September 2021, the return policy of Oliver Cabell’s permitted customers to return products in a time period of 30 days and get a full refund. However, it’s still a fair idea to visit the official page or contact the service support to get the latest and accurate information about the returns. 

You can contact the customer rep over email at or by phone -at 1-800-237-4444 or via Chat Online. Overall, Cabela’s commitment to customer satisfaction through the return policy reflects its dedication to providing excellent service for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

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