Brooks brothers return policy

You enjoy your purchases only the items you bought provide satisfaction. In some situations, if you purchase an item but do not want to keep it you would be happy if they allow returns or refunds. Some brands might not offer such a facility but the topic we are discussing will surely have an option for refund as well as exchange on items.

Customer satisfaction is the same goal as Brooks Brothers’ return policy. When you shop there, you should be more informed about it. So, we’ll show you how to file a return and determine whether you are entitled to one or not.

What’s the return policy for Brooks Brothers?

All customers are bound to make a request for a refund during a 60-day return period from the purchase date under Brooks Brothers’ return policy. You must be qualified to return an item, so make sure you have the original receipt to serve as purchase evidence.  Items can only be returned if they are undamaged and in brand-new condition.

How can I return Brook Brothers for free of cost?

No, each return is subject to a $7 cost. Your reimbursement will be reduced to reflect it. Although there are some circumstances where you receive the free return. 

Here they are:-

  • if you used a Brooks card to pay for the item.
  • if you get faulty goods.
  • The product you ordered does not come in the size, color, or another way that was described.
  • If you’re searching for an exchange.

How can I return something to Brooks Brothers?

You have a variety of options on how to return the products. As per the policy on returns, they are quite customer-friendly, making your return considerably simpler by following a few simple steps.

Brooks Brothers Online Returns Policy

This is the time when you purchase from the Brooks Brothers online store. You must first determine your eligibility before proceeding, and then take the following actions to make the return directly from the home.

Make sure to provide on their return page, the order id and email address.

  1. Select the item you want to return.
  2. Select your return reason as well.
  3. After clicking on “Done” create your return label.
  4. Put your things in a bag and secure the label.
  5. Drop it off using FedEx or USPS of your choice.

Once your return has been completed and verified, you can continue with the procedure.

Brooks Brothers Outlet Return Policy

You must take a few easy actions in order to return your items from any Brooks Brothers location, whether to the factory store or to the merchandise outlet. It will move much more quickly and easily.

  1. Print the FedEx return form, then complete it.
  2. If at all possible, pack your things in the original packing.
  3. Take the parcel to the closest FedEx drop box.

You should write down the delivery tracking Id so you can follow the progress of the order. You can continue the process when Brooks Brothers have received the order.

Return by yourself

The last resort might be to send the package back by yourself. Possibly a label was included with the invoice; affix it to the return package, and mail it to the address listed below. 

107 Phoenix Ave, Enfield, CT 06082.

Ensure that your refund does not include the shipping costs.

What Happens If the Product is Defective?

There is no need to be concerned about preserving any defective goods. Customers can return faulty products and receive replacements through a set process. 

Here are the steps you are required to follow:-

  1. Send an email to customer care detailing the matter first.
  2. Click to include the product damage photo(s) with your email.
  3. Send the merchandise back
  4. You need to be patient till you receive the confirmation; a replacement product will be sent.

Exceptions to the Return Policy of Brooks Brothers

A limited exception requires to be made known to all shoppers. You will benefit from it because if the item returned falls under an exception, it leads to denial and you will squander time trying to get it approved.

  1. Items that are listed as final sales are never returnable.
  2. Items on sale with a 70% or greater discount are not included.
  3. Products that have been altered cannot be returned.
  4. Special orders or monogrammed articles are also ineligible for returns.
  5. Goods from the Head of the Charles are also not under return policy.

The exclusions that you need to be aware of are these. Any Brooks Brothers merchandise you acquire from a third party should be returned to that third party.

Exchange Procedures on Returns at Brooks Brothers

There isn’t a way to swap your order right now. So returning the item to Brooks Brothers would be the best option for an exchange. After that, you can get the money back and make another purchase. Right now, there is no other option to exchange money.

Refund Policy for Brooks Brothers

Following the instructions in the Brooks Brothers return policy manual, you must wait while your item is being inspected. The process for your refund will start after the confirmation. The same form of payment that you used to make the purchase will be used to refund you. It can take 3 to 5 working days for the refund to appear. It may take up to 14 working days for payments made through PayPal or Amazon Pay. If the return is taking longer than 10 working days, which is rare, you should get in touch with their customer service.

Brooks Brothers return policy no receipt

In case you have lost the receipt, only the product credit that you purchased last will be handed out. If required you can return the items to Brooks Brothers at any retail store in the US.

Brooks Brothers Return Policy Without Tags

If your item is without tags there are chances that you need to pay the shipping costs of the return.


You need to make sure that your product is in good condition and that the return is eligible within 60 days of the purchase. Returns made after 60 days are not approved. You can go to the Reddit site to see if someone has any reports published on Brooks Brothers’ Return Policy.

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