Argos Returns

You cannot predict your purchase to roll smoothly without having faced any issues, especially when you are not sure about it. On this page, we are exploring Argos Returns. Argos works as an online retailer dealing in home and furniture products, technology, appliances, video games, and much more.

If your purchase does not satisfy your expectations, you need to be aware of the return policy. This also clarifies whether your item is eligible for return or not.

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What is Argo’s Return policy?

Wondering about the item purchased where you are not particular about returns eligibility. The return policy at Argos is easy to follow. Argos provides 30 days as a return period according to the return policy. You cannot move out of the mentioned period to return your items. The returns can be processed at the store as well as via online.

During returns, the receipt is required to furnish and in case you lost the receipt then provide the Order ID from the acknowledgment email.

In order to return items at Argos, there are situations to be availed in the return policy of the UK:-

  • The Packaging of the item should be the original box.
  • You cannot use the item.
  • Most importantly, the item to be returned should be in resalable form.
  • All additional items included with the return package should be returned. 

The return policy also involves items that are not at all refundable such as drinks, food items, jewelry due to hygienic causes, etc.

Argos too, does not approve gaming consoles with a refund period of 30 days. If the video games covered in plastic wrap are peeled off, the return is not accepted. The company instructs customers to be aware of the items they purchase, especially about the two above items.

The purchase receipt is mandatory but if you misplace it then this might be a concern in your returns procedure. So, you can take a copy of it or save it on your device for further reference.

Argos Christmas Returns Policy Ireland

If you have made a purchase during Christmas offers at Argos and you want to return them now. You will receive a 3 months return period to return the products as you purchased during holiday season offers.

But items opened on Christmas day receive a month to return and claim the refund.

How do I return items to the Argos outlet?

You cannot return items if used, opened, or damaged. The return is eligible only if the products are in a good saleable manner.

You can return the products online using the returns page or the app. The return is also possible at the Argo store or at the collection point of Argos in the Sainsbury’s store.

If you want to return large products then the product will be collected from home and for this you need to contact Argos customer service.

You are not required to move here and there for a return label because Argos provides it to your email automatically on making a return request. Besides, the return address is already mentioned on the shipping label.

There are different ways to return your item:-

  • Contact ParcelShop and book the return. Pay and take the item to the shop and also take a printout of the shipping label.
  • You can drop the package at any of the lockers available in the United Kingdom. 
  • Contact the courier service to collect the return from home.

You will be sad to hear that returns are not for free relying on the payment method. You will be asked to pay fees while booking online or through an app.

Argos Warranty Returns

If you wish to return items that are at fault due to the company’s negligence, make a refund or replacement, or exchange request in 30 days.

Where can I purchase Argos Return Stocks or Pallets?

The return pallets of Argos are from the returned stocks sold at huge discount rates. The stocks might be faulty and some might not be returnable. So, be aware while making purchases enduring in mind to check the retailer’s info.

You can place an order at the Argos website, Argos Clearance to purchase them. The cost of Argo’s return pallets depends on the acquisition. If you want to buy more, the purchase cost seems to be cheaper with an increase in size.

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