American Eagle Outfitters Returns

American Eagle or American Eagle Outfitters deals in clothing, lifestyle, and accessories. If you regret purchasing products online or at an outlet of American Eagle you can do so by going through this article.

What is the American Eagle Outfitters Return Policy:

You need to be aware of the return policy before opting to purchase any kind of items from the outlet. This makes it easier to complete the return procedure.

The company provides 60 days to return the product if you are not satisfied with your expectation. The full refund will be credited to your account. Another thing to be noted is that if you are not able to return in a given time the return refund as cited in the American Eagle Outfitters Return Policy, the period gets extended in 61 – 90 days, and receive the refund as store credit.

Whichever method you selected for purchase whether via phone, online, or at the store, return is always accepted at Tailgate, AEO Factory, Aerie, or AEO store in the United States of America, according to the return policy.

How to return American Eagle Outfitters items:

According to the American Eagle Outfitters Return Policy, two methods are being used to return a product to the company. The first one is by mail and the second one is by visiting the store nearby. Products bought online can be exchanged or returned at the store but store-bought products can only be returned at the store outlet.

American Eagle Outfitters Online Return Policy:

It is simple to send the item back if received the Online order through the mail. Below are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Place the items in a durable box and do not forget to seal them tightly. It’s better to utilize the original packet. Print the label for free and attach it to the top of the package.
  2. Make sure that no modifications are made to the shipping label as per the return policy. 
  3. After that, list the returned goods or products, along with the circumstance that led to your decision to do so. Put a note about it all on the bill.
  4. Next, select a mail carrier, prepaid the shipping postage, and ship the package to the following address.

American Eagle
Attention: Return Department 
Retail Distribution West LLC
1301 N. Davis Avenue 
Ottawa, KS 66067

American Eagle Outfitters Outlet Return Policy:

Another method to return items from American Eagle is by visiting the store at the locale.

  1. Search on the web for the shop located nearest to your location. 
  2. Visit the Customer Support Desk or dial -1-888-232-4535 to get in touch with them.
  3. Then, you can return your items by providing the receipt. 

If you are thinking about how many days it would take to reflect the refund then you can get the amount credited within 2 to 3 days.

For online purchased items, return the item at the store by taking the purchase invoice and also the credit card. Without invoice, the refund money will be credited as a gift card. The fee charged during shipping is not refunded.

During the Pandemic of Covid 19, the company decided to close the store for safety reasons. After some time when the virus came into control, they started to offer services with safety measures.

Exchange Policy for American Eagle:

You need to take out a print of the exchange form under the Track Order section in order to exchange the item. After locating the order, click the link “Get a Return Label”.

Orders that you paid with gift cards, cash, or PayPal are not available for exchange. 

American Eagle Outfitters Return Policy Canada:

The process for Exchange or Return on American Eagle Outfitters’ return

Mailing Back

It is very easy to mail back the things if you choose to:-

  1. If at all feasible, package the Thu(s) you are returning in the original packaging.
  2. On the invoice, list every item you are returning along with a justification.
  3. Pick any postal service to send the goods with (s).
  4. After that, you’ll need to pay for postage and mail it to the indicated address:

American Eagle Outfitters
450 Courtneypark Drive West
Mississauga, ON L5W 1Y6

Please Take Note

Orders placed in-store and returned to their distribution center, with the exception of cash and debit transactions, will all be handled in US dollars, according to the American Eagle Return Policy. They will receive a check in CAD as payment in return.

Store Returns

Follow the instructions below to return the item(s) in-store:

  1. Visit the store and contact the Customer Support Desk there (CSD).
  2. Give them the original package and receipt (if possible).
  3. Then, after probably a couple of billing statements, they will credit you.

American Eagle International Refund and Exchange Process

There are a few distinct techniques that any customer can use to easily finish the refund and exchange process. which is in line with Anthropologie as well.

Mailing Back

To return your product(s) by mail, simply follow these steps:-

  1. If at all possible, place everything in its original packaging.
  2. Indicate the product(s) you are returning, along with your reasoning for doing so.
  3. Select a mail carrier after paying the postage.
  4. Send it to the following address:

American Eagle Outfitters
Attention: Returns Department
Retail Distribution West LLC
1301 N. Davis Avenue
Ottawa, KS 66067

Please Read

  1. The shipping fees for returns are not reimbursed.
  2. American Eagle does not accept C.O.D. returns.
  3. In as little as 5 weeks following the day the shipment is sent, you will receive a reimbursement.
  4. Within 1-2 billing statements, the credit should show up on your account.
  5. Exchange orders are currently not possible for consumers from outside of the United States, according to the American Eagle Return Policy.
  6. You will only receive a refund for the cost of the product if you return an online order. You will not receive a refund for your shipping, tax, or duty fees.
  7. AE will provide you with an AE Gift Card in US dollars for the amount of your refund if you pay using a currency other than the US Dollar.

Refund Policy Terms and Conditions

  1. disclaims liability for any improper fund transfers or returns brought on by incorrect customer input.
  2. Only after the returned item(s) arrive at the warehouse will you receive your reimbursement.
  3. In 2-3 business days after American Eagle receives the purchase, you will receive the credit (s). After they receive the merchandise, the prepaid fund will be initiated within two working days.
  4. Make sure the product(s) is (are) tightly packaged to prevent damage during transit. For any damage sustained during transit, American Eagle disclaims all liability.
  5. For items from different orders, you will need to utilize separate packets.
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