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Purchased an item at Adidas recently. What if I want Adidas items to be returned? Such queries are exceptionally common especially when the item is not up to the anticipation. If you want to return the items, follow the terms and policies for initiating refunds.

On this page, we will talk about the return policy of Adidas and how it executes.

What is the return policy for Adidas? 

It is not like that each and everything we purchase fulfills our expectations. One of the other items might arrive defective on the seller’s part or sometimes you no longer wish to keep the item along with you. You never know when such situations arise. So, it’s important to be familiar with the return policy.

The company accepts requests for returns if made in 30 days. You need to provide the purchase proof i.e. the receipt to return at the store. Online purchases receive the purchase invoice through email. You can show the invoice on the mobile without taking any printouts.

Here are some rules that you need to obey if you to return the items:-

  • The package should be properly packed and sent to the location in the US.
  • Make sure the item is in good form with shipping tags and then only send back the package.
  • Apparel arrives with company tags. You cannot take them off unnecessarily unless you decide to return the unfit item. The tags should be present when you return the apparel.
  • You can wear shoes to check the fitting but you cannot wash or damage them if expected to return the product.
  • Shoes come in the original packet and so while returning them pack them in the box they are delivered. Worn Shoes does not approve returns in Return Policy.
  • You need to return the accessories that arrived with the product.

Obeying the terms and return policies will make the items qualify for returns.

Some points that are restricted under Return Policy at Adidas:-

  • Customized products are not returned to the store or via mail.
  • Face masks are non-returnable.
  • Adidas proposes holiday seasons and purchases made during the season receive 90 days period to return the item.

How to Return Adidas Shoes

When you determined to return the Adidas items you can do so by following two methods. Usually, these two options are most of the time utilized on deciding to return the wrong product.

  • Adidas Online Return Policy 
  • Adidas Returns At Store

How do I return Adidas products online 

If the order is placed using, enter into the account that you are registered into or utilize the guest account. Most probably you can then send the product to the Adidas outlet using the mail method.

The steps in order to request for return using the account details:-

  1. Firstly, go to the account and tap the Login button.
  2. Next, hit Order History.
  3. Pick Return Items that you expect to send back.
  4. State the reason for returning the item.
  5. Select the method for payment to credit into your account.

If the Adidas purchase was through a guest account, the following stages need to carry on for submitting the request:

  • Click on Order Tracker where you can enter the order number to check the tracking details as well as details of the order.
  • Type the Email address and the information pops up.
  • Select the products to be returned.
  • Mention the reason for the return.
  • Pick the refund credited method.

Whatever method you choose for requesting returns, Adidas provides a shipping label to your Email once a request is made. Just take the printout or show them at the courier office where you want to drop the package in order to send it through the mail.

You need to be noted that items bought through require to be returned at Adidas only. Item purchases through third-party retailers are not accepted at as pointed out in the return policy.

The shipping charge also needs to be borne by the buyer if the item is returned without any defect. But if a product is damaged during shipping then you can approve free returns.

Adidas In-Store Outlet Return Policy 

You can return Adidas Gear Online purchase in Outlet Store but vice versa is not accepted. You are expected to have your return request brought in within the period of 30 days.

Take the package to the store at your locale. The item should include all the accompaniments, and tags attached and have the receipt which is mandatory. The transaction details and email confirming returns will be requested by the staff to process your return. Also, carry the return label available in the shipping package along with you.

During the inspections, all these details play an important role to initiate the return process with ease.

If your return in-store is without the receipt, store credit will be refunded which serves the same as the cost of returned product. If the purchase is made at any Adidas store then the return is possible with a refund within the US.

Once returns are confirmed for Adidas items, a refund might take 10 to 14 working days depending on the mode of payment you had chosen.

You need to check the return status on the web after the return is processed.

In case, the refund money is still pending then contact Adidas customer service by calling -800-982-9337 and request for further assistance.

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